Are you at the same place every day?

Nope, Kruzin Cuisine is out and about almost every day of the week, slinging our food to hungry people around the valley. Check out the top of the home page to see where we are today!

Is your menu the same every day?

Our menu is dynamic and changes often. We have a few go-to items we like to keep around, but we’re always trying something new. To see what’s on the menu today, check out the home page.

Is all the cooking done on the truck?

It is! What kind of food truck would we be if we didn’t serve you the best, freshest street food around?

Can I hire you to come to my party and serve awesome food?

Yes. We will serve awesome food at your party and your partygoers will love it. Head over to the contact page and give us a call or send us an email and we’ll make it happen.

Whats your theme?

We don’t have one. It’s why we didn’t name the truck the Wafflemobile or the Fruit Punch Express. Both of those sound good though. Kruizin Cuisine’s theme is awesome food made fresh, so I take it back. That is our theme. Final answer.