SBL 8/12/12

It’s Lunch time, let’s talk about the DAREDEVILS.

This last page is another one of my favorites, while it is mostly just black frames with SFX and dialog in them, the page really ups the “Just what is going on here?” Factor.  Our awesome commenters seem to think Joe is being Noah’d or Pinocchio’d, but after the next couple pages it’ll become clear that he’s actually being Joe’d.  Seriously, that’s what they’ll call it when the robotic art historians look back at the greatest contributions to the webcomic world after they kill/enslave us.

Robot overlords aside, the Olympics are wrapping up this week, and that’s fine with me.  I’m at my Olympic limit.  I couldn’t be prouder of the our awesome athletes (GO USA!), but these last few days of competition really seem to be testing the lower boundaries of the Is-that-really-a-sport?-O-meter.

Speaking of real sports, We should let everyone know that if you plan to follow us on Twitter, get ready for an Arizona Cardinals related barrage of tweets every Friday during preseason, and non-stop on Sundays during the regular season.  The three of us are die hard Cardinals fans, and that is a huge cross to bear considering they are a terrible clownshoes organization run by nimrods.

 A fundamental part of being a Cards fan is wistfully remembering the days when we weren’t awful and then drunkenly loudly wishing Kurt Warner was our quarterback again.  One time Dan, Matt and I even had a serious conversation about cloning him and raising his clone to know only football in a Soviet/Chinese forced athletics camp kind of fashion.  We came to the conclusion that it wasn’t economically viable.  Anyway -long story short-  When our tweets get bitter, or angry, or very angry, know that it comes from a place that was once full of love and hope, and is now filled with a clown circus.  At least we have Larry Fitzgerald…


For the Lunch this week, lets take a look at the page a little closer.  We wanted to convey a sense of disorientation in the first few panels by just adding sound effects.  We were going for a cinematic feel for the read.  So, while not very visually interesting (just black boxes) the first few panels are instead made fun by Fonografiks’ awesome lettering.  When we get to the bottom we wanted to evoke a strong horror flavor from the shadows.  Danilo kills it again.  After the whale splash from Chapter Two, this is probably my favorite page to date. Lets take a look at the translation from script to pencils for the last panel of Chapter Three, Page Five:

And that turns into…

The glow stick was changed to a flashlight later because the flashlight was more visually interesting, in case you were wondering.

In some other cool ThreeOneFive news, Danilo and I were recently interviewed by Mat Washburn, the writer/illustrator of Evan Yeti for his Evan Yeti Community Blog.  This was the first time that we were able to do a joint interview with Danilo, which was great because he deserves all the credit in the world for bringing the DAREDEVILS to life.  This interview also illustrates how supportive the webcomic community is to each other.  It really is a fun group of people we have working in this business.

In the interview, I said (and Danilo agreed) that I would like to see Denzel Washington to play Doc, and Sir Ian McKellen to be the Captain.  Matt disagrees with the McKellen as Custer part, stating that he is too old, but I think he could pull it off.  LeVar Burton is my second choice for Doc, if we can’t get Mr. Washington.  So what do you think?  Sound off in the comments, or send us an email about it.  We’re dying to know who YOU think should play the roles of the DAREDEVILS if/when a live action version is made.

Here’s a sneak peek at next weeks page!

And that’s the Lunch for 8/12

To the Future,



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One Response to SBL 8/12/12

  1. Evan Yeti says:

    Thanks for the shout out. It was a pleasure to have you on the blog! I think I prefer LeVar Burton as Doc. over Denzel.