SBL 8/5/12

Hello and welcome once again to the the Lunch.  Its been a busy week for me, so today’s lunch might be a little short.

This week on the DAREDEVILS, the plot got thicker than shotputter’s thighs.  Get it?  Because of the Olympics.  Whatever, you try writing jokes.  Anyway, Custer has figured out what plagues the sub, and he has sent Doc to figure out what to do about it.  So all that talk about werewhales was merely speculation.  A fun fact about this page is that we added the word Therionthropy to the list of things Doc rattles off because of our wonderful reader’s comments on our previous pages.  We thought we’d pay some fan service to you great and loyal DAREDEVILERS by adding your own speculations to Doc’s list.  Has Wolverine ever done that for you?  I didn’t think so.

He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is order dessert.

I shouldn’t make fun of cosplayers.  Did you hear what happened to Simon Pegg?  You make a comment about some sexy Slave Leias and then KaPow!  Every media outlet is talking about you and…  did I mention the Slave Leias were sexy?

Let’s see…  What can I put in here for the Lunch this week?  How about some art from our upcoming project with the incredible artist Ryan Cody?  It’s not a spoiler or anything, so no need to avert your eyes.

Oh, that’s right. SPOILER: It’s about cops.

So you can see that this unnamed project will be very much in the vein of Baby Girl in it’s art approach.  Also in it’s content, it has some naughty dialog for sure.

Don’t fret DAREDEVILERS, we haven’t forsaken you for another love.  As a matter of fact, as we speak we are nailing down the details on another DAREDEVILS story.  I’ll get you more info about that as soon as possible, including sketches and other awesome stuff that we’ll think up as soon as we think of it…

Speaking of thinking up incredible things, I wonder if people see the awesome Radiograms I toil over every week.  I post them on our Facebook account every Monday.
 Check them out here!  We have 126 Facebook likes, but we can do way better!  If you know someone you care about, direct them to the DAREDEVILS, or our Facebook page.  If they find out you knew about us and didn’t say anything, that could end your friendship!  Don’t take the chance.  The only way to prevent universal hatred is by telling people about us.  Just sayin’

Be sure to tune in to the DAREDEVILS on Tuesday, it is one of my favorite pages yet!

That’s the Lunch for 8/5

To The Future,



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