SBL 7/22/12

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lunch.  Matt and Dan are back from California, and they must have touched the lives of some folks out there because we had our biggest day ever on Tuesday!

This week we find the DAREDEVILS in their darkest hour.  The Captain, who’s life is needed to control the sub is unresponsive.  Even the world’s most brilliant man of science is unable to rouse him.  The order must be given to give the sub to mercy of the whale.

Danilo did an especially good job of expressing the gravity of the situation in how he lit the Doc during his order to abandon ship.  And the ship and whale “crossing swords” up top is one of my favorite scenes so far.

As you can see, my Illustrator skills are getting

For the Lunch this week, we’re getting in the ‘ol time machine and checking out a rarely seen portion of the project that launched the ThreeOneFive.  Part of the idea for our first book was to have fake advertisements running through it.  Fonografiks (he was our letterer back then too!)  spearheaded this part of the project, and what he came up with was really cool.  I don’t think many people have had the opportunity to see this great stuff, so I’ll show it on the grandest stage of them all.  The Sunday Lunch!

This awesome piece of art was by Dean Beattie.   Check out his blogor his Etsy shop.
The story for that book took place in the fictional city of Liberty, NJ.  It was originally called Liberty City, but then there was that whole Grand Theft Auto thing…

Another racier ad that Fonografiks dropped on us was this bodacious bombshell.

Superheroes need underwear too!  And this line of super-bras is sure to keep even the most superhuman jumbleronis in check.  Below is a close up on the copy.  On this piece, the pencils/inks are by Roy Cover and the colors are by Steve Downer.

Both of these ads were brought about by our current letterer, Fonografiks, so big thanks for that incredible job!  If you want to see more of his work, check out his Deviant Art page.  You should, he has some really impressive stuff there.

In other exciting ThreeOneFive news, we are now in production of our new comic!  Our artist is coming through for us in a big way, and we couldn’t be happier with the work he’s given us so far.  Hopefully this is a project that will land on your local comicbook store rack, so keep your eyes peeled! (as if we wouldn’t shout it from the rooftops)

Back to the Daredevils!  In the upcoming weeks we’ll really be getting into the plot of the Secret of the Beaufort Sea.  We’ll spill the beans on all the mysteries the DAREDEVILS are facing, and as the story continues, Danilo’s art just keeps getting more and more impressive.  As we turn the corner into the main exposition of our tale, we’d like to thank everyone for staying aboard adventure for this long.  We promise that it just gets better from here, and your thirst for adventure WILL BE SATISFIED!

Maybe not THIS satisfied, but close.

Also, we have a few more prints available in the store for sale, so make sure to snatch them up before they go away!

That’s the Lunch for 7/22

To the Future,




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