SBL 7/29/12

At last!  The Captain is awake, and by the looks of it he is ready to kick some whale butt!  From here we’re moving into the meat of the plot, so get ready to have your questions answered!  One question that should be cleared up by now is the bravery of the crew and the leadership of the Captain.  He must be a pretty capable officer if he was able to whomp out a motivational speech right off the cuff after being dead for half a chapter!

We’ve taken to calling that speech Pizza Sandwich.  I should explain.

Matt and I have ridiculous conversations on Gmail chat, and many moons ago we had one about this particular page.  While I don’t know the processes of other great writers, I imagine that Charles Dickens had a similar conversation at some point with one of his editors.

And now the veil is lifted on our writing process!

For the Lunch this week, lets take a look at the process from pencils to colors for the Captain’s hero shot.

Danilo’s sense of continuity really stands out when we look at the Captain, from the neural interface tubes coming from his head, down to the buttons and gizmos on the Captain’s chair.  Awesome.

Speaking of gizmos, we got a ton of emails about countermeasure Maru Delta.  It has never been a secret that the ThreeOneFive is three dudes who love Star Trek, so naming something after the Kobiyashi Maru from Star Trek II shouldn’t be a big surprise.  As far as what the actual countermeasure does, it sends a pulse of refined energy through the hull that creates a spherical discharge.  Here’s what the button that deploys it looks like.

It was another great week for us at the webcomic, we smashed our previous best by over 10%  Keep it coming DAREDEVILERS!  We want to make this book forever, and if you keep dropping by every Tuesday, we can do it.

In other news, Danilo and I just did an Email interview with another great webcomic called Evan Yeti. It should show up on his blog Wed, Aug. 8th, so I’ll keep everyone informed about that as we get closer.  In the meantime, check out the Evan Yeti webcomic - Its good stuff.

The Olympics have started, and as this is an international project we’d like to wish the athletes from our collaborator’s home countries good luck!  So good luck Argentina , and Great Britain !   And from the ThreeOneFive, GO USA !

That’s the Lunch for 7/29

To the Future,





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