SBL 7/15/12

This week over at DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS we gave a bit of insight into the origin of Joe and his faithful canine companion Cup.  We reveal that they were “found together as babes” …should bring up some new questions as to how these two made it aboard such a fantastic submarine.   We then watched them succumb to the gaping maw of the werewhale.  *GASP* So…

Big props go out to Fonografiks on this page.  The little touch of the bolt floating above the last caption really gives the page depth, and is another shining example of why Fonografiks is the best in the business.

Matt and Dan are at Comicon this week, and it sounds like they are having a great time.  They’ve been getting interviewed, hanging out with  our collaborators on Baby Girl, and even meeting celebs.  I’ve been holding down the fort here in Arizona.  Do I wish I was there?  No.  Comicon is just a shell of what it once was, it barely even represents actual comicboo… oh who am I kidding?  Of course I wish I was there.  Comicon is awesome.  It’s been raining like crazy here in Arizona this weekend, so really the only excitement I’ve had around here is that my dogs are too scared to go to the bathroom outside because of the thunder, so there’s poop on the rug.  Fun.

Somebody call my momma! Matt meets WWE Superstar Brodus Clay!

The ThreeOneFivers in San Diego also got to meet up with Chris J. Thompson of Pop Culture Hound for an interview on Friday.  By all accounts the interview went well and they had a great time talking, drinking, and knocking back a few tequila shots at Dick’s Last Resort.(so mostly drinking)  Along with discussing the DAREDEVILS, the guys also talked a little about an up and coming project we have in the works right now.  We’re excited to tell the world about the concept and who the artist is, but you will have to tune in to @popculturehound‘s podcast for that!

Then they all took to Twitter to make fun of me for not being there.

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For the Lunch this week, lets take a dip into the ThreeOneFive archive.  A while back, the guys and I had heard that a new magazine by Mark Millar called CLiNT was looking for some three page shorts, and we wanted in.  So we took it to the lab and dipped into our recent life experiences for a funny idea.

Matt and I both have ladyfriends that absolutely love Twilight.  It’s the worst.  So from the fire of that hatred we put our heads together and wrote a little satire.  The artist’s name was Pablo Paolo, and as usual Fonografiks did the lettering.


Maybe the heart on the outside thing was a little over the top.  But the last line is funny.

Oh, and no.  We didn’t get into that magazine.  Whatevs.

And that’s the Lunch for 7/14

To the Future,




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