SBL 7/8/12

First off on the Lunch, we just had a big segment about us on Pop Culture Hound, a new podcast by Chris Thompson(@popculturehound) and Taylor Lilley(@capelessT) from
The Orbiting Pod podcast.              =–>Check out the podcast right here<–=
They have a lot of cool things to say about our writing, and it is all together a great show. And they like the DAREDEVILS!  So they are clearly well informed and handsome gentlemen.  Seriously though, we work hard on the products we make, so it feels good to get high praise from such awesome people. .

Jared Owen knows the feeling.

I’d also like to mention a cool new website called Comic Rocket.  It organizes your webcomics into a super easy to get to list.  Save yourself some bookmark bar space and sign up.  It’s free, so the only thing you have to lose is your dignity for being the last nerd to know about it.  Here is a link to our comic via Comic Rocket.  Do it.

So let’s talk about the content this week — That illustration of Custer is crazy good.  The amount of time and detail Danilo put into it sold us on making this comic.  And while it was a disappointment that we didn’t get to be in that digital anthology, doing this the webcomic way is more fun.  I get to write a 600 word blog every week, and provide my readers with the finest in .gifs and images that I endlessly mine from the internet.  I’m even taking a photoshop course at my local community college just so I can get better at making graphics for the Daredevils and for the Lunch.  Right now I’m having way to much fun making the Radiograms for the Facebook posts.  If you haven’t seen one, go over and like us on Facebook, it will make me feel like I didn’t just waste hours upon hours learning Photoshop and Facebook happy.

Our Facebook page is delish!

For the Bonus Lunch this week, let’s take a look at a character design stage pencil sketch of Custer that no one has seen before.  This version of the Captain is more along the lines of the written character description that we wrote, but it didn’t quite capture the pulp feel we wanted.  Luckily for us, Danilo turned in a second drawing at the same time featuring the Captain as you know him.  Still, this is a fun sketch, and it’s one of the only times in your life you’re ever going to say “He doesn’t look right with legs.”

These little piggies ended up on the cutting room floor.

It was vacation time for us this week at the ThreeOneFive collective.  We blew up an obscene amount of fireworks, and ended up exploding my girlfriend’s mom’s fire pit.  So the bad news(?) is that I’m persona non-grata over there for a while, the good news is even though Matt and Dan will both be going to Comicon this week, we will still be releasing a page!  We just can’t leave you hanging for another week, it wouldn’t be right.

That’s right it is that time of year again!  Comicon.  The last one I went to was way back in ’06, and it was a blast.  Matt and Dan will be geeking out at SDCC from Friday to Sunday, and you can keep up with them as they tweet their way around San Diego!  @thethreeonefive for Matt and @dan_fifield for Dan.  I’m super jealous that I can’t go.


Historically, on Comicon weekend, how many times has the ThreeOneFive gone to the beach while in one of the most beautiful coastal cities in America?

ANSWER - Zero.

So, in addition to avoiding the beach in San Diego, Matt will be getting interviewed by PopCultureHound in person.  We did a run through of possible interview questions today, and I hit him with some super hard zingers.  I feel like he is prepped and ready to deliver.  Besides, he has the perfect face for radio, so it should go well.  We’ll have that interview up as soon as humanly possible.


And that’s the Lunch for 7/8

To the Future,




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