Baby Girl: Behind the Panels Part I

So, where to start?

In an attempt to capture the feel of the first 15 minutes of an Indiana Jones movie, the boys and I cooked up a 22-page action sequence featuring a female protagonist. The character was little more than a cipher, which we ran through a gauntlet of crazy stunts and over-the-top mayhem. It was a blast to write and the peeps we showed it to at the time seemed to dig it, but another, more pressing project took precedence. So, for a good two years, the project was shelved.

Later, after a crushing rejection of the more “important” project, Evin came to me with a familiar glint in his eyes. He’d been thinking about the action script, and he had an idea for the female lead.

After much back-and-forth it eventually boiled down to this:

Abandoned at birth, her birth certificate reads only – BABY GIRL. Today, she’s a foul-mouthed nymphomaniac who specializes in obtaining the unobtainable. As far as she’s concerned, blowjobs go hand-in-hand with bag jobs. Need someone with the skills to tackle lost artifacts, high-adventure, and weaponized roofies? No biggie, just another day at the office…if the price is right. BABY GIRL adventures deliver over-the-top action and outrageous sexual humor.

Once the dust settled, we were hungry to add Baby Girl’s personality into the action script, which we were now calling the Baby Girl Pilot. We’d stumbled upon a concept that combined two great tastes that taste great together – DEVIANCE and ADVENTURE. It was most definitely good times.

So, in no time we finished up a new draft of the script, and showed it to our closest comics pal, letterer and designer extraordinaire Steven Finch of Fonografiks fame. His response was something along the lines of, “Oh hells yeah!” So, we knew we were in business.

Learning from past mistakes, it was decided that Baby Girl would be developed more conservatively. Instead of producing a pitch package for a mini-series or a one-shot, we would write and produce a stand-alone short with hopes of landing in an anthology. And thus, the script for Lost Treasure of the Afrika Korps, Baby Girl’s introductory adventure was born.

Here’s an excerpt:

PAGE ONE (five panels)

Panel 1. Wide establishing shot of a 50s style diner. The only important detail: there is a black Lincoln Town Car in the parking lot. Get a feeling for the space. There’s going to be action, both inside and outside the diner.


Panel 2. Cut inside to a tight shot of the Men’s room door.


Panel 3. Baby Girl (BG) strides out of the bathroom. She’s dressed in a 50’s style diner dress, and is wearing a long wig. She looks as sexy and lady-like as possible while wiping her mouth and discretely burping (yep, she swallowed).


Panel 4. Todd is in the bathroom trying to get straight after a mind-blowing b.j. Like BG, he is dressed like a 50s style waiter. He’s looking in the mirror, talking to himself, and pulling up his pants with one hand while kind-of scratching/rubbing his butt-crack with the other.


Panel 5. BG is heading for the exit/entrance to the diner. She’s within spitting distance, when an arm from off panel yanks her off course.



NEXT: Part II, The Search for Art


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