SBL 7/1/12

And from below, DOOM!

Chapter 2 is in the books and what a way to go.  We broke our page views record on Tuesday and the comments were very active all week.  The comments have turned into one of our favorite parts of the having the webcomic.  We welcome all the conspiracy theories and love the wild speculation – keep the comments coming!  We’re committed to being as engaged with our readers as we possibly can be.  Leave us a note next time you are by the site, Captain’s orders!

Let’s talk a little about how the page came to be.  Matt and I both have a terrible fear of the open water.  Growing up, Jaws scared me so badly that to this day I can’t swim in bodies of water I can’t see the bottom of.  Seriously.  Everytime I do swim my mind invents some beast from below, it’s eyes as black as the devil’s heart and it’s mouth agape, littered with razor edged teeth like shards of shattered glass.  I can’t even go swimming at night in a pool if the light is off.  Who knows whats in there…

This doesn't look so bad...

So page 10 is the visualization of those fears.  Adrift in the depths, powerless, and then from below, doom.  Danilo delivered on that feeling.  Not only did he understood how to illustrate the fear, but he ensured that next time my friends that have a boat go to the lake, I’ll be at home watching Smackdown instead.

Oh wait, it's the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.

This coming week on DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS we’ll be taking a break in between chapters.  This is something we planned on doing so we could focus on getting the website where it needs to be for the future.  One of the big improvements we added is a laser canon the store, Dan did a great job making it look like part of the regular site, so that your webcomic viewing experience would be seamless -because we care.  So this week, instead of our normal update, we are grand-opening the store, and giving out some awesome Bonus Lunch for free.  Free Lunch!  It must be Tuesday!

Speaking of the store, we just got the final artist proofs for the prints we will begin selling this Tuesday.  They came out awesome.  We’ll have six different designs available for sale right away, and they are all very limited edition.  Last week I revealed that the cover would be available, and this week I will reveal two more! 

The Captain splash and the Whale splash!  Two of our best pages to date for sure, and they will look great on your wall.  They even look great here on the sidewalk outside my condo.

How about some bonus content?  Lots of the comments we get on the webcomic are about the Custer itself, and what it can do.  When we were designing the ship, we wanted to make it realistic, and yet have a air of mystery as well.  Most of the ship is a US Gato class sub, but the tail features a pair of thrusters that set it apart.  While their full capabilities have not yet bee unleashed, it is safe to say that the Custer has some unmatched get-up-and-go.  Two of the prints feature the incredible submarine, but here on the Lunch I’m going to take you on a trip in the way-back machine.  Back to the Danilo’s first ever attempt at the Sub.

We even liked the paint job.


LIKE  US    FOLLOW US    VOTE   AND ENJOY As you can see, I’ve condensed the usual plug paragraph down to this super sleek and good looking line of social media begging.  I’m going to call it The Beggin’ Line.  What’s the question mark you ask?  It is a new(ish) feature on the Sunday Lunch!  For the last couple weeks I’ve put in a link to some cool stuff that I enjoyed, so now every week I will share with you a stupid fun link that I think you should click on.  It’s kind of a thank you for putting up with The Beggin’ Line.

Oh no, it's back. This Lunch is OVER!

That’s the Lunch for 7/1

To the Future,




Happy 4th of July!

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