Who we are, how we came to be Part III: Evin, Dan, and I have been friends for a long time.

Evin Dempsey and I have been friends since Little League. We were both perpetual benchwarmers and bonded while talking smack about the starters, whose skills were obviously overrated by the coach. Off the field, we shared an unhealthy obsession with comics, pogs, baseball cards, and Magic the Gathering. Before long it became a weekly necessity for us to make the “magical journey” to a comic shop a few miles from Evin’s house. We’d hang out there bugging the owner and playing Mortal Combat until we ran out of quarters or he ran out of patience. In those days, Evin bought every book that Image published, while I stuck it out with Marvel after the exodus of the Image founders. It was a stark philosophical divide, but luckily we both agreed that The Maxx was the coolest shit ever, so it worked out.

Town Champions Motherfuckers! Matt third from the right, top row. Evin far right, bottom row

Evin introduced me to Dan Fifield towards the end of high school. They worked together at Staples, and originally Dan was introduced as Sheldo. Dan liked all the same shit we did: Comics, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Doom Generation, A Clockwork Orange, and most importantly he dug hanging out at all-night dinners, smoking and talking about said shit. Also, Dan’s probably the nicest dude on the planet.

Roll call: Evin’s the wildcard, I’m the go-getter, and Dan’s the glue that holds it all together.

Back in the day: Evin left, Matt right.

Back in the day: Dan left, Matt right, plus other dudes.

Our first collaboration was a heady one – the drafting of a constitution. In the face of rampant, unregulated cigarette bumming we codified a set of rules to govern all smoking related activities. The rules put in place by what came to be known as The Perkins Smoking Committee became the law of the land for about a dozen underage smokers who met regularly at Perkins to waste their evenings/early mornings. The actual text of the constitution has been lost to the sands of time, unfortunately, but it dealt with all the controversial issues of the day: Ciga-debt, Ciga-pimps, Ciga-hoes, and the terms and conditions of Debt Transferal.

In college, we produced and starred in a live call-in talk show on Tucson public access television, called Phlippin’ Channels 2.0. It would be a stretch to call the show popular, but we did tend to enrage and offend most of our callers, which we considered a rousing success. One of these days, when we’re hurting for content, I’ll convert a couple of the best shows from VHS and post them here for your viewing pleasure.

In 2005 we looked each other in the eyes and decided that we’d really like to be poor and frustrated for the rest of our lives. So, naturally, we became indie comic book writers. And after 6 years of toiling in obscurity, I’m happy to report that we are both very, very poor, and very, very frustrated.

I kid.

Seriously, I love making comics, but it can be fucking hard out in the weeds, trying to get started. Luckily, we’ve had each other to lean on, and finally, with the help of fantastic collaborators, things seem to be coming together.

In future entries I (and the other guys too) will discuss our various projects, our influences, feature favorite collaborators, and update you with anything noteworthy.

Next: Something!


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