SBL 6/24/12

Ooh, look.  The new logo is up.  The pattern inside it will change every week just like the background of the last Lunch logo did, so relax.

BABY GIRL chapter 2 will be in stores this Wednesday!  We will be in the back of
Hell Yeah #4, and this chapter is a doozie.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but it ends with the greatest caption that has ever been written since the invention of words.
Honestly, we had a slew of experts confirm this.

So this week in DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS we gave you the TRIFECTA OF TROUBLE – The Captain unconcious, the sub in peril, Joe submerged and drowning!  It’s an exciting page and the art really tells the story of the three points of action here, so we didn’t want to crowd the page with too much jibba-jabba.  It has 18 words on it.  That is not a lot of words.  When you consider we only release one page a week, and that the page itself only takes a few moments to read, 18 words seems even smaller.  We get it.  We have a ton of story to tell, and we will tell it in the best way possible.  And so while 18 words isn’t a lot, the overall story experience will benefit from these light pages in the long run.  Fo sho.

For the Bonus Lunch this week, I wanted to show off how the page is built from soup to nuts.  A lot of work goes in to making a comic book page, and it is a cool process.  We are very lucky to have Danilo Guida who does pencils, inks, and colors – and we are fortunate to have Fonografiks, the best letterer in the comic book game, do our letters and aging.  So let’s take a look at the art from script to final letters.  (click any of the art to enlarge)

It amazes me when I think that our script goes from the bland stripmall covered desert of Arizona, to subtropical Buenos Aires, then across the ocean to England.  Places I might never get to see personally – well not until we make millions with this comic book stuff.  People have done that right?

Fortune and glory aside, every week we give you a page that we are proud of, and that we feel is a stand-alone work of art.  I always bark about how awesome the page is on Facebook and Twitter, and I mean it.  Like I just said, we have a great artist in Danilo Guida.  He is super positive when we talk about the crazy stuff we want on the project, and he’s not afraid to take risks with the content on the page.  When we told him the Captain was a half-man who was integrated into the sub through fantastic technology, what we got knocked our socks off.  So when we sent him the script for next week’s page we were anxious to see what our amazing Argentinian artist had in store for us.

The Chapter two finale page is my favorite piece of art in the whole world.  Seriously.  I wish I could show it to you right now, but I can’t.  Instead I’ll show you a cat eating a pizza to make up for it.

You should probably scroll past this so it doesn't drive you mad.

I’ve been hinting at a store these last few weeks, and now I really have some actual real news!  I can finally reveal the first item that will appear in the DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS store is a limited edition 11 x 17 print of the Secret of the Beaufort Sea cover!  The art for this print will be unaged.  We plan to do an initial run of 25 hand numbered prints for the store launch, so act fast.  This print will look awesome in your cubicle, or on your dining room wall, or in your car, or inside your hope chest, or on a boat.  So if you have 11 x 17 worth of empty space somewhere in your life, get one.

Make your wall more DARING

The store will open during our one week break in between Chapters two and three.  In the mean time, why not gather your friends and get them to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, vote for us on Top Web Comics, and while they are at it, check out this fun site to kill some time on the internet.

Before we go,

That’s the Lunch for 6/24

To the Future,




(the movie the .gif is from is called Gentlemen Broncos)

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