SBL 6/17/12

Finally, the Captain is revealed!

This is one of my favorite pages so far.  We wanted to have a spectacular Captain reveal, So we asked Danilo for one that would melt the mind of any mortal who gazed upon it.  And Danilo knocked it out of the galaxy.  Matt’s pulpy dialog and Fonografiks’ page design brought this page to the next level, and once it was finished the whole team couldn’t wait to stick it in the blotter!  Apparently we aren’t the only ones who like it either, because this page set a new record for views for us.

So now we know Captain Custer isn’t just the namesake of the ship, he IS ONE WITH the ship.  Having Custer be part of the ship was a decision we made very early on in the creation process for the DAREDEVILS.  It just made sense for some reason.

But not everything aboard the Custer is the same now as it was with v1.0 of the script.  In fact there are plenty of differences.  This week, lets take a look at what might have been…

The Savvy whatnow?

Before we even had a name for our DAREDEVILS we had a story.  At this point, even the characters were nameless.  We filled in these blanks with placeholders:  Joe was “The Boy”, Cup was “The Dog”, McGinty and Deveraux were “Assorted Crewmen”.

Most conspicuously missing was our title.  Dan and Matt kicked around a bunch of stuff with each other in pursuit of the moniker, some interesting, most terrible.  Lists were created and debated.  Nothing seemed to fit.  We had a vague idea of what kind of name we wanted, a tag that in just a few words told you exactly what our heroes did (sailed around on a boat  seeking adventure and fortune.)  We also kind of wanted some alliteration.

Here’s a short list of what we came up with:

The Incomparable Aquanauts
The Incorruptible Aquanauts
The Alliance of Aquatic Adventurers

The Oceanauts
The Secret Order of Oceanauts
The Order of Offbeat Oceanauts
The Adept Aquanauts
The Accomplished Aquanauts
The Alliance of Adept Aquanauts
The Savvy Seamen
Custer’s Aquanauts
Custer’s Oceanauts
Custer’s Courageous Crew
Custer’s Capable Crew
The Magnificent Mariners
The Meritorious Mariners
The Marvelous Mariners
The Sea Dogs
The Savvy Sea Dogs
The Successful Sea Dogs

We joke that the Successful Sea Dogs would have been a comic about a crew of well-dressed businessmen who drank scotch and gin and sailed the tumultuous waters of Madison Avenue.  Somebody should make that into a TV show   …oh they did.

Joe was a tad different too.  In original story versions he was a chain smoker.  We would play him as a wrong side of the tracks kind of kid.  Ultimately we felt it didn’t add anything, and the chain smoking and gutter kid persona were replaced.

And then there was the stint where we discussed making Joe a girl, and hiding her gender from the crew.  This would have opened up some potentially interesting situations, but ultimately we decided that it didn’t serve the story in a meaningful way, and it was mega creepy if you thought about it too much.

Totally different kind of creepy.

We have some cool stuff coming soon, Daredevilers.  We are working around the clock to get a small store up and running.  Right now we are getting mailing inventory together and programming the store interface to be a seamless experience with the webcomic.  Dan is hard at work pulling levers and turning dials, or however the internet works.  Right off the bat we are going to have some Limited Edition items available to buy, I wish I could say more.  Until I can I’ll just say it’s going to be cool.

As always like us on Facebook, follow Matt on Twitter, RSS the webcomic, and YouTube internet rap sensation Krispy Kreme.  He’s the second best thing on the internet, after the DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS!

We’re at 109 friends as I finish typing the Lunch.  That’s still a bunch away from a million.  I asked nice last week.  But this week…

Thats the Lunch for 6/17

To the Future,



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