SBL 6/10/12

Howdy Lunchskateers!

This week’s DAREDEVILS page has Doc at the door of the bridge, and Joe in some serious trouble.  The scene is set for next week’s awesome page, and it is one of my absolute favorites.  But for now lets worry about poor head-wounded Joe, Cup had better three-legged doggy paddle fast!

Speaking of Cup, we’ve received a ton of email asking about our featured canine.  So I’ll answer a few burning questions that you have been dying to know.

  • Q:  What type of dog is Cup?
  • A:  Cup’s just like the mixed up and diverse crew of the Custer, he’s a mutt – but he is mostly German Shepherd.  He is based off my real life dog, Charlie, who is a mix of German Shepherd and Coyote.


  • Q:  What level of reasoning does Cup have?
  • A:  He can’t read or write or do math, but he can understand any verbal command and he can solve problems at an advanced people level.
  • Q:  How did Cup lose his front leg?
  • A:  Cup lost his front leg saving Joe’s life in an earlier Daredevils adventure.
  • Q:  How about his eye?
  • A:  He lost that saving Joe’s life in another earlier adventure too.  He loves his master and would do absolutely anything to make sure he’s safe.  Even lay down his life.   It should be noted here that Joe would never consider himself to be Cup’s master.  The boy has grown up with the dog and he would call him a brother.
  • Q:  Where does Cup go to the bathroom while the Custer is submerged?
  • A:  He has his own bathroom.  Doc made it to accommodate Cup or any other visiting canines…

  • Q: Same topic.  On page 1, Cup is seen peeing off the side of the boat, lifting his back leg and standing only on his two left legs.  How is this possible?
  • A:  Sea legs.  (see above graphic)
  • Q:  How old is Cup?
  • A:  His exact age isn’t known.  McCarver believes him to be about 10 years old, but Cup isn’t a fan of being poked and prodded so the Doc hasn’t been able to do any in depth tests.
  • Q:  What’s with the name Cup?
  • A:  He’s named Cup because he and Joe are inseparable.  Cup and Joe.  It’s a play on Cup of Joe.
  • Q:  Does Cup have an official rank aboard the Custer?
  • A:  No, he is a dog.

The comment section really had some good stuff in it this week.  All the characters got a word or two in, We love to hear from you Daredevilers out there, so keep the comments rolling in.  Oh, which leads to the last question.

  • Q:  Will Cup answer a question I pose for him in the comment section?
  • A:

In other news, our Facebook page got up to over 100 likes this weeks.  Awesome.  Not bad for 8 weeks of operation.  At this pace we will be at a million in no time.  If you like the comic put something on our wall, it’s sad right now.  When we are the biggest web comic ever you can look back and have proof that you were there when it started.

We are also working on getting a small store up and running on the DAREDEVILS web comic site, we hope to launch it in the break between chapters two and three.  The stock will be limited at first because we’re a pretty small operation, but over time we’ll get some more cool stuff.  The stuff we DO have though is pretty awesome, we hope you dig it.


Holy schnauzers, an all dog lunch!  I’m a great big dog fan, so it was bound to happen eventually.  I’ll do my best to not allow this blog devolve into picture of my dog’s in adorable outfits…It’s better that I got it out of my system quick.  As always, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and enjoy the DAREDEVILS every Tuesday!

That’s the Lunch for 6/10

To the Future,



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