SBL 6/03/12

Hello loyal Lunchers!

We just had an awesome review about our comic by COMIC BASTARDS.  They said some cool stuff about us and we appreciate the attention.  Check out the review HERE.

For the bonus today we’re taking a behind the scenes look at the DAREDEVILS.  As you know, we have a blog under every page, and we absolutely love it when the readers comment.  We do our best to respond to everyone that leaves a comment on the blog, and we really want the comic to be a super interactive experience for readers.  So join in the awesomeness and leave us a comment or two next time you stop by the DAREDEVILS, maybe the Captain will answer…

We totally love the comment section, but one of the bunk side effects of having a blog on your page is that you get a crazy amount of SPAM comments almost nonstop.  As soon as our readership jumped up we started getting bombarded with these strange comments.  All of them are super-positive and encouraging, but the problem is that all of them also have a link in the message that if you click it gives you computerAIDS, so we never approve any of them.  Just for fun, let’s take a look at a sample of some of the stuff we get. (we took out the links.)

“Russel” comments on Page 10:  ”his article is very nice understanding the patients is very important from this i understood everything thank you”

This is kinda positive, though garbled and barely coherent.  Still, he thanked us at the end, and that feels nice.

“diving denver” comments on Page 11:  based on  experience, joy  and  bravery, diving  is definitely an  adventure  sport  which  identifies  acrobatically bouncing  or perhaps  plummeting  directly into  normal water. Acknowledged …

Hmmmm.  This comment isn’t as much positive as it is informative.  I’m not sure what acrobatically bouncing into normal water is like, but it sounds like it’s awesome to do.

“Alana” comments on Page 2:  good encouraging comment, keep it up

This is a little on the nose, like if I enjoyed a movie and wrote “Positive Movie Review!”  But hey, we will keep it up Alana.  It’s always nice to hear from our female readership.

“Carol” comments on Page 6: this text is very well written, you must be a really intelligent person, keep up the good work

Wow that one was right to me!  Sure it isn’t ADDRESSED to me personally, but c’mon.  Who else could they be talking about?  Carol seems like a sweet girl.

I'm assuming Carol is the one on top?

So all of those are super nice, right?  Thanks weird robot SPAMmers.  Now lets take a look at one of the comments posted on the Sunday Lunch Blog!


I guess it’s positive because right off the bat he warns me about the side effects of Zithromax.

“amortization calculator” comments:  Hello there I am so charmed I inaugurate your stand, I in the finishing breakdown starting-point you days of old misjudgement, while I was researching on Askjeeve respecting something else, Anyways I am here interest and would upright like to put acclamation in the course of a marvelous postal servicing and a all bullet stimulating blog (I also sample the theme/design), I don’t admit period to look exceeding it all at the trice but I cause saved it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have still I on be resting with someone abandon to scrutinize more, Buoy up do regard up the brilliant affair.

…  I… agree?

In other news, our search for an artist for our new project is moving right along.  This is always a fun portion of the comic book process, but it can be stressful.  Developing a relationship with someone you’ll never meet can be tough, but when it clicks it’s pretty awesome.  So we put out an open call for some talent, we’ll see how it ends up.

Hopefully we’ll have more about the project in future Lunches, but right now I’ll keep a lid on it.  But even when we get this project off the ground and on the shelves, we won’t forget about the DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS.  We love them and we have stories planned for the next few years if we can keep the project funded.

What a great way to segway into our new donate button on the Webcomic.
If you like us, click it.  Dan has been selling his underpants on the internet to get the pages paid for.  He seals the envelopes with the moisture of his own tears when he sends them out.  So a donation to our webcomic would be a double blessing.

So my fancy dog picture last week didn’t get the kind of overwhelming response I was hoping for in Facebookland.  We still have less than 100 likes.  C’mon people!  We can do better!  This week I’ve upped the ante.

Maybe this will motivate you.

And that’s the Lunch for 6/3

To the Future,



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  1. Dan says:

    I only cry because you’re the only one buying them, and that’s hardly a living.