Hell Yeah! Baby Girl is almost here!

The ThreeOneFive is thrilled to announce that BABY GIRL will be featured as a back-up in Joe Keatinge and Andre Szymanowicz’s HELL YEAH, published by Image Comics!

Baby Girl’s introductory adventure, Lost Treasure of the Afrika Korps, will be serialized in three parts, starting in Hell Yeah issue 3, dropping May 2012, and concluding in issue 5.

The story features the work of some of comic’s most killer creators, with art by David Hahn, colors by Rico Renzi, and letters/design by Fonografiks. It is also the first published work of writers Matt Heistand, Evin Dempsey, and Dan Fifield, A.K.A The ThreeOneFive.

Mega-High-Fives to Joe Keatinge for giving us our first shot, and basically being the coolest dude in the universe!

Starting in May, Hell Yeah will punch your face out your asshole, and then Baby Girl will punch it back up where it belongs. You’re welcome.


Click HERE for the official announcement from Joe Keatinge!





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