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Hell Yeah #3 has been out for a week now and we have been getting really positive reviews about BABY GIRL, so I’ll talk about that to start things off.

The BABY GIRL backup story out now is actually the second story we wrote for her.   The first was a pilot episode for a never-released book about a baddass chick that someone told us to try out for as writers.  The script we wrote was so over the top with incredible explosions and spine-tingling rolling cars and helicopters that if it was a movie it would have cost 3,000 million dollars to make.  Before we put the finishing touches on it however, the offer was rescinded, they went with someone else.  This was still pretty early in our comicbook writing days, so we were beyond sad about it.
So we shelved it for about a year.
I was working as a waiter, and during my free time in between dating models and begrudgingly slinging chips and salsa I wrote a weird, half-formed prequel to the pilot episode for the then unnamed action lady.  It was pretty bad.  The restaurant was named Guacamole Garys and she spent the first 3 pages talking to Todd about breaking up.  I think I had just got dumped by a girlfriend or something, it was very angst-y.  I never really wrote the middle of it, just the start and the end.
I showed the half written mess to Matt and Dan.  They were less than impressed, so I tossed that story aside along with the pilot.
Little did we know that an opportunity was just around the corner that would save this unnamed action lady and Guacamole Garys from the recycle bin…

What happened next!?

Matt had been bugging me for a while to finish the prequel, but I kept pushing it off.    I figured that the ship had sailed for this unnamed action lady so I didn’t really care.  But Matt took it to the lab and made some good progress on it and came up with the macguffin. The promise of lost Nazi gold got Dan and I back interested in the project, but the lady still didn’t have a name or a stand-out personality.
Until one fateful karaoke night.
It’s actually pretty embarrassing how much we used to be into karaoke, but that’s a whole other enchilada.  One night at Karaoke, after drinking so many dollar Coronas that anything we said sounded like a good idea, I had a good idea.  BABY GIRL, it’s what they put on birth certificates when a girl baby does not get a name at the hospital.  Since this action lady had been nameless so long after her conception, it seemed to fit.  Other pieces of the puzzle fell into place too.  She was abandoned at the hospital, and so she was was an emotionally detached-baddass, but not like a ninja baddass, like an Indiana Jones baddass. This may be too telling, but then I said “It’s like, what if Sasha Grey was Indiana Jones?”  And a character was born.

She's an intellectual...

…aaaaaaaaaaand, she’s a porn star.

Lets talk about the Daredevils now.  So far in Deep Dive Daredevils we’ve seen the library, the mess hall, and some of the bunks aboard the Custer.  This week’s page has us enter the belly of the sub.  As the crew struggles to yank an ever transforming Armstrong through the shuttle bay door, we get a glimpse into a fantastic room that seems to be impossible in it’s scope.  As we reveal more and more of the ship, it should become clear that this is no ordinary maritime ride.  In the coming weeks we will unveil the noble Custer, and the surprises will keep on rolling in.

Surprises that will rock the very foundation of your life. 

Just kidding, that would be sad.

For real though, I just can’t say enough about how insanely good Danilo makes the interior of the sub look.  Back when we first started the art process, we approached him to be the artist because we were intrigued by some of his previous work involving boats.  Since we had a boat-centric book, we thought “Hey! He might have something to offer us artistically.”  We were right and then some.  The amount of detail is above and beyond.  Who knows what those things do, certainly not us, but man do they look like they do something important.  Seriously, The walls come alive in every panel, and even the ceiling in panel 4!

Making the Custer a character in the story isn’t something we can just write in.  We give panel direction the best we can, but really the lion-share of the work is the artist’s.  Danilo pulls it off.

Joe does not get it.


Speaking of Joe not getting it, I’ve been hearing word that some people can’t understand the dialog between the Scotsman McGinty and the Cajun Deveraux, so I’ll translate it for you.

McGinty:  Crivens!

Definition - A Scots expression of surprise or shock.

Deveraux:  Oh ye yi!

Definition - A Cajun expression of of exasperation.

McGinty:  Haud yer Weesht!

Definition - An old timey Scots expression.  Nicely put it means ‘hold your trap’, but more commonly translates as ‘shut the f* up!’

Then they tell a dick joke.
And now you know!

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That’s the Lunch for 5/20

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