SBL 5/13/12

BABY GIRL finally hits the shelves this week on the 16th, so be there.   It released on the East Coast last week, and we have been hearing some pretty positive stuff about it.  We have unconfirmed reports that the book makes you more attractive, more wealthy, and can get you Viagra for a very reasonable price.  What incredible news!  Better pick up a copy soon or everybody else will hate you.

Threats aside, lets talk about the Daredevils.

Actual Footage

Man, that scary monster sure ate it huh?  Looks like he isn’t done changing into whatever he’s changing into…

But lets look further down the page.  A cool thing happened with page 3 from the time we started writing The Secret of the Beaufort Sea to the time it was finished.  Two new characters were born.  McGinty (the giant red-haired Scotsman) and Deveraux (the skinny Cajun guy in the bandana) were never supposed to have any dialog, and were never mentioned by name or by description in any of the treatments we gave to our artist.  At this point in the story, they had shown up four times in the art and Danilo thought they were the bee’s knees.  He asked if we could bring them further into the story.  Scripts were tossed out, arguments were had (part of the normal writing process – See last weeks post –), and Matt immediately started watching Trainspotting to brush up on his Scottish verbiage.

Ah'll gie ye ma tie tae pit oan, n some speed. Buck ye up a bit, let ye sel yirself, ken?

Side characters in stories can be throw away plot drivers that only serve to move things forward, and while that’s what we were shooting for with these previously unnamed crewman, it’s not what we ended up with.  Because of Danilo’s fondness of McGinty and Deveraux, we had ourselves permanent crewman that we could use to not only drive the plot, but also create subplots around in future stories.

As a bit of Bonus Lunch (like the title!) this week, here are the service records for Crewman McGinty and Deveraux.  We tried to get some less heavily redacted copies, but the Captain is a very private man. (Click on them to enlarge.)


In other news, Phoenix Comicon is coming up, and the ThreeOneFive will be there!  I’m super-amped for the event because I have a pretty awesome collection of Star Trek swag that I get signed every time this circus comes to town.  This year we get LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Patrick Sewart, and the golden goose – William Shatner.  Epic list.  If you end up going, throw one of us a tweet and we’ll sign your copy of Hell Yeah #3 and completely devalue it   and make it gain sentimental value  and completely devalue it.

Lastly, how about that Time magazine cover?  Crazy, man.  That lady wins Mother’s day.  Happy runner-up Mother’s Day out there to everybody else in Internetland.

And that’s the Lunch for 5/13

To the Future,


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