SBL 5/06/12

This coming Wednesday, May 9th*, Hell Yeah #3 hits the racks in your local comic book store.  We wrote a back up story in that ish that is severely kick-ass.  Hell Yeah is like a jack-knife powerbomb through a flaming table, and our back up story is like a leg drop wrapped in barbed wire from the top of the Titantron.  It’s quite a departure from the Daredevils, so if naughty words turn you off then don’t read it.  Still buy the book though.  Please.


*UPDATE:  Hell Yeah#3 only shipped to the east coast this week.  It will make it’s way West of the Mississippi on the 16th.  So chill, bro.

So lets talk about writing the Daredevils!  As a writer (humor me), I develop a mental image of what I’m trying to create as I pen whatever I happen to be working on.  Over time I sometimes always fall in love with that vision.  It’s easy to see why most writers work alone.  The ThreeOneFive is a writing superteam made up of three best friends from Arizona.  That being said, we are three individuals with vastly different lives, careers, and ideas.  When our creativity meshes it creates a pulsating vortex of raw awesomeness that can be seen from outer space, but sadly that’s not always the case.  During scriptwriting there comes moments where we disagree about how things should be worded, and how things should look on the page.  More often than not this process leads to yelling and swearing and storming out.  And swearing.

Inside the Vortex

So as we sent out Page 2 to our very talented artist Danilo, we had pounded out a unified vision of what Armstrong would look like.  The battles were fought, the dust had settled, we knew what we wanted.

When we got the art back it wasn’t anything like what we thought it would be.  We couldn’t have been happier.  It was better.   Way better.  So all the fighting and swearing and tire slashing and murder that we did were for nothing.  After this page in the creation process most of the more extreme yelling episodes subsided, replaced with our new mantra, “Danilo’s got this.”  It was at this exact moment that Danilo joined the above mentioned swirling vortex of something-something creativity.

It's button up shirts only for this guy...

Three weeks in to the comic and we are extremely happy with the readers turning out to take a look.  Tell your friends, neighbors, lovers, cellmates, partners, wingmen, copilots, pets, parents, soul-mates, and terrifying-closet-monsters about us.  Get us some hits, people!  Or consequences will never be the same!

Speaking of closet-monsters, we have our Facebook up and running now.  It’s pretty simple, but like us so we can feel good about ourselves.  You can do that by using those fancy buttons below.  Also, show us some love and follow us on Twitter using the same button clicking method.  If you do you’ll be privy to such hard-hitting tweets such as this:

Mind blowing.

In other news, since we are not content to rest on our vast internet notoriety and fame, The ThreeOneFive has embarked on another story!  We are very early in the writing process so far, so our fetal idea isn’t much bigger than a strawberry inside our collective mind uterus.  If you hear yelling and assorted violence coming from our office, just know we are taking it to the lab for you, our millions of  hundreds of  dozens of fans.

That’s the Lunch for 5/6

To the Future,


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