SBL 9/21

That’s right, the Sunday Bonus Lunch is back!

I’ve been grinding away at getting the Kickstarter graphics all done, and now I’ve finally done that.  Hooray!  It took a long, long time since I had to balance that with school, plus another website I’m building on the side, but damn if they didn’t turn out purdy.

The big news is that the Kickstarter is starting on Tuesday at midnight, and that we’re super excited to get these babies in the hands of all you DAREDEVILERS out there.  Danilo and Fonografiks knocked the cover out of the park, the dot colors and faux aging are stunning.  Everything is looking good.

So I thought I’d take a moment here and thank everyone for their support over the years.  We’ve really enjoyed bringing the DAREDEVILS to you every Tuesday for the last two years, and this is the culmination of all that hard work.  But we couldn’t do it without our readers.  You loyal DAREDEVILERS are the best, so get yo’self a copy of Secret of the Beaufort Sea on Tuesday!

Let’s talk about the current story and where we’re at.  Since I last blogged about it, the DAREDEVILS buried McGinty, Deveraux quit the band, Doc and the Preacher got drunk and quibbled over philosophy, a wise Kaj Perean begged Doc to help his people with a problem that will surely wipe them out and Doc said no(harsh), Joe got abducted by a girl and then she punched him in the face and ran away, and then the Captain in a sign of respect for dead McGinty fired up some green flares into the sky at the same time the Bear Idol went missing.  THAT is a lot of story in just 10 pages.

We’re a third of the way through End(s) of the Earth(s) now and there are a bunch of wheels turning.  The devastation that Dracula caused the DAREDEVILS is really coming to the forefront now.  Doc is swerving away from adventure, Deveraux is unable to wear the DDD patch (AVAILABLE AS A KICKSTARTER BACKER REWARD!) because of the guilt he feels, and Joe… Well Joe was in the dumps but now he’s doing is usual thing of running ass first into adventure.  Cup is being a dog.

That Timegataj prophecy that the doomsayer was doomsaying about seems to be coming true.  I bet you didn’t see that coming.  Smiley, winky.

This week, more than ever we need you to share our Facebook posts and retweet Matt’s tweetings and like us and follow us and get other people to so it too.  We’re confident that we can get this Kickstarter funded, but we need all the help we can get to get this baby into your  hands.  We’re not looking to get rich off this publishing (its the movie rights that’ll make us rich!), we’re looking to get DAREDEVILS like yourself a real paper copy of our work because we love making comics.  It took a long time to get here.  Lets make it count!

To the Future,



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