SBL 7/13/14

And the cover has landed.  I did that.

There really isn’t much to say about it.  I used the same minimalist style I did with the last two, and created an image that I think people will be able too look back on and understand why it was chosen.  I wanted it to be kind of barren, void of much going on, because that’s how the DAREDEVILS are feeling right now.  A major character died at the end of Pitch Black Day, and now what will happen?  The future for the guys in orange is an open canvas, and it is bleak and empty.

I also wanted a strong edge in the picture, so I added that orange bar.  I chose orange because the DAREDEVILS are orange.  The edge plays off the “ends” part of the title and the s’s are hanging over because the official title is End(s) of the Earth(s).  Enigmatic!  Just why are they in parenthesis?  Why are the cover’s s’s separate from the rest of the design?  Find out by reading the comic, dude.  I’m not telling.

Also there is my minimalist volcano in there, so there will probably be a volcano in  the story somewhere.  Spoiler alert.

This story isn’t like Pitch Black Day, but it DEALS with Pitch Black Day and it is completely dependent on it for its storytelling.  You need to be caught up to get whats going on in this one, where the others you could pretty much pick up and get.  We’re at a point here where we feel comfortable doing this.  We’re two years in, and its time to start telling some more hefty stories.

Also the members page is going away, but the content will be there, just without the membership wall.  It was a noble idea, but it was one that we were unprepared to support and just didn’t have the right amount of time in our lives for.  But we’re still proud of the work that went into it, so the content will all be there for those who care to dive a bit deeper.

But for real, THANK YOU for reading this dumb blog, and thank all you DAREDEVILERS who read our dumb comic.  We work hard as hell on this stuff, and we LOVE IT when you make comments or RSS us, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.  Its the best, because this is hard to do.  Oh it ain’t easy. It isn’t just three dudes that see eye to eye on stuff , it is three dudes who love to tell each other that they just had a dumb idea.  Believe me, I love it when Matt has a good idea, i get TURNT UP.  But when Matt has a bad idea, I like it even more.  Because then I can tell him how stupid he is, and THAT is why I get up everyday.  To make Matt feel like shit about himself.

To the Future,



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