SBL 6/29/14

Doc’s debrief, interesting.  What is Incident # 1?!

I don’t have much to write about, there is only one page and the last page really does not need to be explained or joked about.  The next page is the last one for the story, and it was a pain in the ass to make, and I’m glad the backmatter is over.

Lets relax with some swatches of Matt’s favorite color, and get ready to be reenergized in 2 weeks, when Ends of the Earths starts.

That’s the Lunch for 6/29

To the Future,



Ok fine.  Lets discuss what happened on the last page.  Well Doc brings up Incident #1, the very first DAREDEVILs adventure, how is what happened here in Subsylvania similar to that at all?  And is Doc just being super dramatic with the whole “Maybe I shouldn’t even BE here :( ” stuff?

He is for sure, but just what is he talking about?  Will we see Incident #1?  Not yet.  The last part of the report details exactly where the DAREDEVILS have set sail for.  A small island in the Pacific called Kaj Pereo.  That name won’t mean anything to you yet, but just wait, it is on those sandy beaches that the DAREDEVILS will… well, you’ll see.

I tried to be sly about putting that pic of Abigail and having the two other little Abigail stuffs poking out from underneath the Manila envelope.  Maybe that part fits right in with the Doc having stimulating convos with her over drinks.  Maybe somebody is a bit smitten.  GET IT?  BIT!  Because vampires, dude.  Yeah, now you get it.  No but seriously, the rest of the report is very facty fact fact, and this was softer.

I say steer clear Doc, this chick is bad news.

So whats up with the beige?  Its Matt’s aura color.

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