Well there it is.  Pitch Black Day is done.  The DAREDEVILS win.

McGinty died.

So where do we go from here?  If you are expecting the DAREDEVILS to return to action as if this kind of thing is standard operating procedure, you’re wrong.  They won’t.  We’ll get a glimpse of this come Tuesday when the Epilogue starts. In fact, we’ll get a glimpse into the wider DAREDEVIL universe unlike ever before.  Everything that happened with the DAREDEVILS up until that last page was the prologue to how the DAREDEVILS will be remembered when its all said and done.

Tuesday, we begin down this road with a bit of backmatter that will answer a ton of questions that have been buzzing about in the comments.  It will also blow open new mysteries.  For real.  Hold on to your potatoes.

Next Tuesday we’ll put the lid of Pitch Black Day for good.  Its the end end!  Then you get the cover for Ends of the Earths (which I made), then you get a brand new adventure by Smilton!  This one is THREE TIMES the size of his last adventure!  It is also massively important to the overall DAREDEVILS story.  Cajun Caper was a fill in, and some readers might dismiss it, but you’ll be amazed just how important that one was to the main story as well.

I guess I could let you in on a few secrets from the next storyline… The next story involves 5 McGintys that show up aboard the Custer.  A young one, a robot one, an African American one made of steel, one with a mullet and sunglasses, and a woman one with mondo boobs.  It is set in feudal Japan, and they have a tournament to see who gets to be McGinty.  During this tournament, Martians invade the arena and the 5 must band together to defeat them.  In the end they group hug and reunite as the real McGinty, who then gets into a spacecar and flies away forever.

That’s the Lunch for 6/22

To the Future,




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