SBL 6/1/14

And so all that remains is the denouement.  The DAREDEVILS have triumphed over evil, yet again!  Doc reverting to human has brought up some questions though.  Were we really playing by Lost Boy rules?  He drank blood but he never killed anyone, does that matter in Deep Dive Daredevils lore?  The real questions are “why are the new Spiderman movies so terrible?” and “Whoa!  Did Days of Future Past just erase the whole X-Men movie franchise?!”  There are real problems to worry about, not vampire semantics.

Fine.  We did just take you on a year long descent into the dark world of Dracula, we can talk about it a little.  Doc will be really affected by what happened to him, we’re not letting him off the hook like on some cop show where a character goes through some horrible ordeal, shoots 8 guys and then next week is back to having donuts like no big deal.  What happened to Doc is a really big deal.  Almost killing the planet is hard to get over, and it might drudge up some past issues he might not have gotten over.  Killing the world is some heavy stuff.

Also, now that Abigail has completed her mission and avenged her grandfather, what are her plans?  Well, we’ll find out in one final backmatter after the conclusion of the comic.  The brass at SISX didn’t have much faith in her surviving the Dracula ordeal, but they made it pretty clear how they would deal with her if she were to ever emerge from the depths alive.

Matt let the title for the next DAREDEVILS story slip, against my wishes.  But whatever.  I guess its cool.  So since the cat is out of the bag about that, I’ll just leave this right here:

Hell yeah!  Another Evin Dempsey original cover!  Everyone loves those.  I know.  I’m posting it really small here so when we post it on the blotter you’ll still have something to ooh and ahh over.  Until then, let this satiate your thirst for more Dempsey originals!

No matter how hard I try to make the world’s best cover, I can’t possibly do it.  It has already been done.


Funny story about my best work…  I’ve been looking for some freelance work recently to get some extra income (wedding billz) and I turned in my portfolio to a freelance placer.  She looked over my stuff and said “So, all you do is make stuff look old?”  Well, yeah.  But I’m like… the best at it.  She was not amused.  ”Do you do anything with social media?”  Yeah, every week.  I make old looking Radiograms for our followers.  ”mmmhmm…. old looking.” It went on like that for awhile.  Anyway.  No jobs yet but fingers crossed.  Wait, that story wasn’t funny it was sad because I’ve wasted my time with all this pastiche work when I should have been making modern stuff with white font over a washed out picture!  Fuck me.

Just three pages remain in Pitch Black Day!  I’m not going to give any hints about it though, because who wants to have their end story ruined?  Not me.  Instead I’ll tell you whats up for next weekend.  Comicon!  Thats right, it is the PHX comicon and we are going at least one day.  If you’re there and you want to meet us, just leave me or Matt a twitter message.  DON’T MURDER US.  That is the number one rule for meeting us.  Matt has two kids, so if you have to murder one of us, have it be him.  He’s dead already.

That’s the Lunch for 6/1

To the Future,




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