SBL 5/18/14

Part two of the two page splash gives us a good look at the result of Dracula’s curse.  Doc has become powermad and will stop at nothing less than total global annihilation.  Thanks a lot guys.  The DAREDEVILS mean well, but every now and then they unleash an diabolical crazy man on the world.  At least they stopped the rocket, right?

If you want a glimpse into what will happen next, you should dig back into the backmatter.  It tells you pretty flat out.  Where in the backmatter?  Nuh uh, not going to tell you.  Read it.  We wrote it and its really good.  You’ll like it.

Pitch Black Day is coming to an end, it seems like forever since we started it, but time marches on.  Who would have thought that a story that started off so innocently with a naked lady would end up here?  I can’t wait to show everyone the end.

Real talk.  Facebook has been kind of a disappointment for us as far as the DAREDEVILS are concerned.  We’ve been a thing for over two years and we have 199 likes.  This is way below my personal expectations.  Some posts only 40 or so people even see what we put.  The way that Facebook restricts your reach to about 1/3 of your likes is nuts.  YOu have to pay for 100% reach, something we can’t really afford to do.  We’ve tried to pay for reach before, and 5 bucks will get us seen by about 1000 people, but the views aren’t quality at all.  They usually only result in 20 or so link clicks, and so far only 2 people have liked the page because of it.

I put a fair amount of work into Facebook.  I make a Radiogram every week and post it.  I use a real typewriter to make it, and then scan it in and do a bunch of photoshop stuff to it. It takes less work than it used to to make, and they look way better than they did when I started.  The truth is that I use these Radiograms (and the Lunch headers) to learn how to use Photoshop better, but it would still be great if we were getting some sort of benefit to advertising our comic there.

I’m not saying I’m going to stop making the Radiograms.  Hell no.  They are a part of the DAREDEVILS experience, and a fair amount of people do see them when Matt retweets them on his twitter account.  I’m simply complaining about not being a huge Facebook success.  I have a friend who has some sort of business where she sells shakes that make you lose weight, and she started it about the same time as us and she has way over 1000 likes already.  She posts pictures of herself in a bikini though.  Holy shit.  I just realized that comics aren’t as interesting as titties.  Never mind the last three paragraphs.

Don’t fret though.  Our readership is up.  It has been solid the last year now, holding steady for the most part, but over the last two months it has risen a good amount.  About a year ago we lost a bunch of hits when we stopped advertising, but that was expected.  Project Wonderful, the place that you use to advertise on other webcomics, really did work for us.  We were getting lots of traffic, but the cost wasn’t sustainable.  We just couldn’t keep it up forever.  It did leave us with a strong readerbase though, and those number have never dipped meaningfully.  That being said, we’re going to ramp up advertising again soon.

Why?  Well I can’t tell you just yet, but when I do it won’t be a big surprise.  We’re proud of the DAREDEVILS, and we want more people to see them.  Hopefully if we can pull off what we are trying to pull off, a bunch more will.

Let’s talk about next page though, enough with all this behind the scenes stuff that you probably hate.  We’re going to see a Saxon tart beg, We’re going to see the full scope of Docula’s rage, and we’re going to see Dracula’s flaming skeleton a bunch of times.  Next week on the Lunch I have a story about the massive fight we had over the next page.  It’ll be fun.

That’s the Lunch for 5/18

To the Future,





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