SBL 5/11

A double page splash huh?

We’re aware that our comic exists in the digital world only right now, and so making a double page splash makes no sense considering that we release one page a week and can only show one page at a time given the constraints of our website.  Right?

In reality, we can really only show type of thing given the further restraints we’ve put on ourselves in the form of the blotter.  The last time something like this came up was with all the backmatters.  Since the picture layer on the website is under the blotter corner layer, if I ventured into that space, the blotter corner would cover it and ruin the illusion we were trying to create. That would be the bunkest, because illusion is our business, sukka.  Belie’ dat.

So anyway, it makes no sense to do a double page splash.  *In the digital world*.  But WHAT IF, my dear DAREDEVILERS, WHAT IF the DAREDEVILS weren’t always just pixels on your screen?  What if they were in a real comic book?  What then?

I was just asking because I don’t know.  I suspect it would be pretty cool, I guess.

So the blippidee blip part of the page was the rocket failing (McGinty!), and then Dracula throws a fit about it.  Originally we had him doing a big soliloquy here and lament his failure. This scene could have had more breathing room if we wanted to play out the tension of the rocket ascension, but we felt that the stabbing of Drac was the important thing.  The fact is, we’re super far into the story now, and its not really fair to drag readers along on flights of fancy that might look cool, or have nifty turns of phrases, but would ultimately slow the story down and ruin the pace.

Pace is what the DAREDEVILS are all about.  When we do our script read-throughs, we make sure every page is either revealing something new, reacting to something amazing, moving the story forward in an interesting way, or a cliff hanger that begs the reader to turn dat page.  Usually it is a combo of cliff hanger and one of the other three, but it has to at least be one of those for us to accept it as a DAREDEVILS page.  The see this all too often when I look at other web comics (that all have way more votes than us on Top Webcomics than us? c’mon people!)  is that they will be content to have a page with none of those things.  But they usually have a fox woman with furry, pert boobs, so what do we know?

Figuring out what will make people read your comic is hard.  Hell, I get good hits on this blog but a ton of them are just people looking for pictures of The Rock.  All we can do is put out shit we’re proud of week in and week out.

Speaking of goodness, you have to be there on Tuesday when the second part of this page drops, its super awesome.  Danilo really outdid himself, and we’re sad that he won’t be returning to the Daredevils until 2015.  Smilton is doing the next book and it should be around 30 pages.  We’re just a few weeks away from telling everyone the details on his run, so stay tuned.

I will reveal one thing about it:  It has the word OF in the title!

That’s the Lunch for 5/11

To the Future,





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