SBL 4/27/14

So, some mental warfare is being waged in the bowels of Dracula’s castle.  First off Drac is being a dick to Doc, and that’s not cool.  He just helped you shoot a missile up in the air that will wipe out humanity, have some gratitude.  Then we have Joe talking mad trash to Docula, telling him that he’s a second banana and what not.  And finally we have Doc get an idea, and instead of thanking Joe, he says he’s going to cut him open?  Jeez.  Drama.

In other news, we just got the final page of Pitch Black Day from Danilo today, and it is bittersweet because even though it is awesome, it’s the last time we’ll work with him for a while.  Smilton will draw the next installment of the DAREDEVILS, and that run should be about half a year or so, but after that we’re not sure who will pick up the pen.  Hopefully we can get Danilo to do more work with us in the future, as we really feel like he is part of the team, and almost totally why we’re successful with the DAREDEVILS.  As the ending of Pitch Black Day is still very much a surprise, I can’t say any more about the future stories. Except all the art Smilton has turned in so far has been great.

Today is also the rematch of the Pizza Eating Contest that Matt and I got into two years ago.  He beat me last time, but this time I’m going to win.  All week he’s been  trash talking, but its all for nothing.  I will have the glory this time.  GLORY.  If Matt wins its because he cheated somehow.

We’re in the planning stages of some pretty cool site overhauls during the summer.  Hopefully we’ll be able to roll out new archive pages that have the whole table of contents on one page, while adding some pizzaz to the layout.  We’ve got some good ideas, but implementing them will take more time than we have right now.  Summer time is when we’ll really get to work.

Dan and I are hard at work on another project right now, but it will probably never see any kind of mass release.  If it does though you’ll be the first to get it.  ”It” is the first video game we’ve ever tried to make.  The working  title is Potato, Pedal, Jacket, Mask and it is pretty fun so far.  hopefully we’ll figure out the kinks though and get it published for the web.

Another funny thing happened to me on Twitter.  I barely ever tweet, because its super extra stupid, but the other day I felt compelled when I learned of the JuggaloCoin, which is the Insane Clown Posse’s version of the BitCoin.  I guess anyone can have a coin if they want.  So I posted something about it sarcastically and now everyone involved with the project followed me and retweeted it.  So I guess what I’m trying to say is, JuggaloCoin, what’s in YOUR eWallet, or whatever its called?

That’s the Lunch for 4/27

To the Future,




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