SBL 4/20

So, people love the CHOCK, eh?

Well, Abigail done got chocked this week, and now she’s dead.  We wasted 6 weeks of backmatter just for Dracula to headbutt her, break her arm, then throw her against the wall and spear her with her OWN SPEAR.  Not so gangsta now, are we Abigail?  Now let me put on my weird Kangol hat and suspenders, because I just got George RR Martin up in hurr.

Its Easter Sunday, so happy Easter everyone.  But unlike the Postal service, we’re not delaying the page a day this week.  We’re serving it up at its normal time on Tuesday, get ready!  Next week we’re diving deeper into the nightmare beneath the waves.  Remember, Joe is still down there and if Drac can just merc his mortal enemy without any fanfare, what is he going to do to some stupid kid?

As I do every holiday, I am exercising section 6 paragraph D in my contract and cutting the Lunch short for the week.  Whatever, go find some eggs.

That’s the Lunch for 4/20

To the Future,


@evindempsey(now with all new graphics!)


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