SBL 4/13

And so ends the backmatter.

Moving forward, when we do other DAREDEVILS stories, the backmatter will be drastically different (IF the DAREDEVILS survive their run in with Dracula!).  This whole letters back and forth thing won’t be a reoccurring theme.  We chose to do it this way as our ode to Dracula, aping Bram Stoker’s style and updating it to 1938 2014.  It is a fun and effective way to tell a story, allowing the reader to put 2 and 2 together by telling the story around the story that we are really telling.  That being said, its hard to do and it takes a ton of time.  At the end of the day though I think we pulled it off, and I’m actually pretty proud of it as a whole body of work.

The hardest part of the whole shebang was getting all the dates and stuff to line up.  Here is an early flow chart that I made that explains it all.  Note: some of the stuff changed, so this does not reflect the final version of what appeared on the blotter.

Tuesday we return to regular old normal comic book stuff.  Sweet.  This last chapter is longer that the last few.  As a matter of fact, chapter 4 was supposed to be the last chapter in the book, but we had so much extra stuff that we took a page out of Harry Potter and Hunger Games and other teen movies and split the last chapter into two parts.  The rocket going up in the air was a good place to break up the story anyway.  So it all worked out.

Chapter 5 keeps the same tone as chapter 4 for the most part.  Danilo’s art is super clutch and consistant, so no worries there.  Every chapter shows an improvement in our writing process, I think, so the dialog and such is some of our best.  A lot happens here at the end, so hopefully we’ve given it to you in a way that makes sense, and won’t break anyone’s brain.


Now that the scripting is all done for the last chapter, hopefully we can get the backend stuff up to date.  Like the archive page and the members stuff.  And we know we haven’t used the members stuff very much…  We know.

That’s the Lunch for 4/13

To the Future,


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