SBL 3/23

Today is the best day.  If you’re looking for the Lunch here this week, you won’t find it.

This week on the DAREDEVILS we gave you a twist, and we thought we were clever…

Yesterday Matt and Amy welcomed a new baby into the world.  We knew it was coming, he’d teased her arrival for some time now in his blog.  But what we never saw coming was that their baby had other plans.  HE surprised us all!

Boooooooooom!  That’s a twist.

I’m not writing the Lunch this week because I want to go spend time with my best friend Matt and his wife and their new baby boy.  I spend so much time in a fantasy world, either writing about submariners from the 30s, or killer nymphos, or making weird art for my weird art classes.  Today I want to celebrate how fucking amazing the real world can be.  Today is just about one brand new person.  My (honorary)nephew.  I’ll see you next week.


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