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This chapter has so much going on, there’s four different locations that we’re switching in between, its a lot to get to.  But Matt figured a way to get three storylines to a cliffhanger on a single page.  The countdown timer is a great addition too, adding overall tension to the whole shebang.  On Tuesday we’ll see the fourth location, and you’ll know why it needed its own page.

Pitch Black Day is a much more ambitious story than the last two.  Cajun Caper really only followed a single story thread the whole time, and Secret of Beaufort Sea had two.  Pitch Black Day is all over the place.  Spreading our story telling wings Flexing our story telling muscles Getting more ambitious with our story telling is something we really wanted with this third story, we’re very confident in Danilo’s ability at this point, and more than that we’re confident in ourselves.  The backmatter sections (which we’re currently slogging through) turned out to be a big pain in the ass, but really worked well in the story telling department.  All of that came into play on this week’s page.  It is informed by the backmatter, it is ambitious in its design, and it uses Danilo’s art as a means of exposition that isn’t reliant on our dumb words and dialog to get the point across.

Dracula used a trick out of the novel where he can turn to mist.  Why it is pink mist is a question we may never know the answer to, and why he can “pamf” around like nightcrawler with the ability is also up in the air.  Probably because it looks awesome.  OH.  That was the answer, nevermind.  Also, kudos here to Danilo for making Drac look so gnarly.  He’s in bad shape, man.

Docula is nuts.  Its clear that the vampirism has completely corrupted him to his core.  Everything that was good and kind about the old Doc is gone.  In the beginning of the story Doc gets pissed that Abigail is having a bit of fun at Joe’s expense, showing off his compassion, but that dude is gone, bro.  He’s fixing to choppy chop chop up his kid friend without remorse.  He’s even making dry, British-like jokes about it.  Nobody likes that, the British version of the Office was awful.

Then we have the two megabros McGinty and Deveraux.  McGinty scaled that scaffolding fast, huh?  Whatever, that dude’s upper body strength is crazy legit.  He scaled it like he was Thunder from American Gladiators, so there.  Don’t bring it up again.  The important part of their triptych is that McGinty starts dropping some backstory hints.  What was the promise he made on the day they met?  Why is that promise now being thrown in his face by a super dickish Deveraux who is now mega strong.  He’s one arming McGinty who’s pushing a quatro.  No way he’s fitting on a sub in real life.  Good thing the Custer is super bad ass.

Speaking of the Sub, we’re heading there on Tuesday, where the Captain has got something to say about this whole doomsday missile situation.  Its nice to get the Cap some screen time.  Since he’s stuck aboard the sub all the time on account of him being half a dude, its hard to include him in hijinx when it goes down outside the sub.  Even in the first part of the story he was relegated to viewscreens, but that was because he didn’t want Abigail to see the state he was in.  That kind of thing gets questions asked, and he ain’t got time to suffer that bologna.

If you thought this week’s page was crazy, hold on to your potatoes, because the art we’re getting in from chapter 4 is some of the best stuff we’ve ever seen.  We raise the bar a super lot, and it will make you shit your mindpants.

That’s the Lunch for 3/9

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