SBL 3/2/14

I love you, Indy!  You’re my best friend!

We’re delving into the relationship between McGinty and Deveraux again.  We need to sell that these two guys are best friend and brothers.  We do what we can in the supplemental material by beating it into your face that they are best friend/brothers, but we can’t be certain that people are seeing the Facebook posts or the Twitter tweets, or even reading the blog that Matt writes at the bottom of every comic.  We certainly can’t bank on people reading this thing.  This story thread started way back when McGinty asked the Priest about Deveraux in the war room, and then joined Joe in the foolhardy away mission to storm Dracula’s castle.  Later, when McGinty abandoned Joe and Abigail in the middle of a huge fight (which was a dick move, bro), we learned that Deveraux’s safety was majorly important to the giant Scotsman.  Now, with Deveraux in his sights, he tosses away his gun and pleads with his friend to stop being evil.   Of course Deveraux ain’t having none of that, he totally vamped out.  When you get vamped out you’re super evil even if your homeboy tells you to stop.

Within Deveraux’s answer is a baby little tiny clue into his past.  He’s back doing deeds for the devil again, implying that he was once a bad guy, presumably before he joined up with the DAREDEVILS.  We do touch on this on the cast page, and actually tell a little bit of the story in the member’s page, but the Cajun’s past is mainly a mystery when it comes to the comic pages.

In the coming weeks, we’re going to explore this relationship further, hopefully providing some character rounding and development along the way.  Pitch Black Day still has about 20 pages left in the tank, so we’ve got plenty of room to accomplish this.

I like creating the relationship between these two guys.  If we’re doing our job right, they should be relatable to folks out there because most people have that one person out there, their best friend, that they can speak to in their own special language.  That’s why these guys dialog is so unabashedly out there.  McGinty with his thick Scottish, and Deveraux with his French laden Cajun, have hard to understand conversations with lots of weird (mostly dick) jokes thrown in.  Pages with only dialog between them get crazy with the amount of translating a reader has to do to understand just what the hell is going on.  This could be a disaster (and was the first time we did it), but over time we’re hoping that the hard to understand banter these guys have will ingratiate them to the readers instead of alienate them.

We’re getting art in for both the final chapter of Pitch Black Day and the next DAREDEVILS story every day now, and we’re really excited to move forward into the future with these characters.  Smilton is killing it so far, and the ~20 page adventure he’s drawing is looking to be another awesome installment in the DAREDEVILS franchise.

Hopefully we’ll have some news we can actually share about a project we’re part of  soon.  Its exciting and man, do we want to let everyone know about it.  Unfortunately it isn’t moving forward very fast yet, so we have to keep holding our tongues.  Nothing is worse than when you tell people about something you’re working on and then it diarrheas the bed and you’re left standing there looking like an asshole.  So in an effort to avoid that, we’re keeping our lips sealed for the time being.  I kind of want to post art from our cancelled project that we excited blathered about last time I told you we had new stuff.  I’ll ask the guys if its ok.  If not then you’ll never hear anything about it again.

In other news, Matt’s baby is due in like 3 weeks.  Crazy.   Make sure you give him congrats about that.  Two kids seems like a pain in the ass.  That’s why I have dogs.  Dogs are the shit.

That’s the Lunch for 3/2

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