SBL 2/23/14

The S.E.A. Drive!  But what does it stand for?!

What a comment response we got on our little webcomic this week!  I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of reader participation.  Its a great feeling to know people give, at least what appears to be, a shit.

Increased comments is a great byproduct of the reader interaction experiment that was the S.E.A. Drive, it proves that you guys are invested, and adds some decoration to the bottom of the page that I love to see.  I’m not opposed to the idea of doing something like this again to spur reader interest.  It’ll be interesting to see if the comments stay busier than normal on Tuesday.  If so, that’s a clear sign that we should try to do some reader interaction more often.

So what does the S.E.A. drive mean?  Well, it means that the tech we’re dealing with is even more fantastic than we thought previously.  Its no secret that the DAREDEVILS are working on a whole different level than what was realistically available in the 30s and 40s, what is a secret is how they get such crazy stuff.  Unfortunately, that’s going to remain a secret for the time being.  Sorry.  Please continue to speculate however, the answer might be as simple or complex as you think.  Every theory is on the table.

Pitch Black Day is about halfway through the fourth of five chapters, and we’re really happy with the way things are coming along.  The art has maintained a great level of quality, the midchapter backmatter sections have turned out better than we originally imagined (more on that later), and the readers have been really active in their comments.  Running a webcomic is difficult at times because there isn’t a real, clear way to judge readership.  We get new subscriptions all the time at Comic Rocket, so thats good.  We get votes like crazy at Top Web Comics, but the analytic programs that you can see how many people visit your site are baffling to me.  Most of the internet is baffling to me though, and I internet pretty hard.

I’m going to try to get some fan art on the site soon.  My art classes have really opened me up to some great artists and I thought it would be cool if we got some new art for everyone to look at.  These won’t be industry professionals, but some are aspiring to be, and others are just great artists in their own way.  We might not be a very big dog in the world of webcomics yet, but if we can help get someone else there, that would be great.

That’s the Lunch for 2/23

To the Future,




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