SBL 2/16/14

Face meltification!

Abigail had that thing around her neck the whole time!  It was filled with weaponized garlic in the final version of the script, but Danilo included the vial around her neck with the intent that it was to be filled with holy water.  We couldn’t find a place where it was important enough to use to merc a single vampire with it, and we already did the holy water schtick with the priest guy before, so we made the change to weaponized garlic.  What is weaponized garlic?  That’s a British secret that SISX has developed in secret.  I doubt they even knew if it would work.

Some other changes happened to the page as well.  Check out the pencils:

As you can see, we added Doc grabbing and hiding under the curtains into page to make it clear that he is protecting himself from the weaponized garlic, which he for some reason could tell was coming.  He’s super smart and sniffed out that area of effect attack no problem.  He also calls them fools now, which is awesome.  This kind of small storytelling change happens all the time, and credit to Danilo, he’s great at making changes that we suggest – most of the time making them better than what we asked for initially.  I’ve said it before, but making a comic, at least the way we do it, is always a great compromise, and in the end we’ve been really happy with the way things have turned out.

So now that Drac’s face has been meltified, Abby should just roll over him right?  Well, you’ll have to wait a few pages, because this Tuesday we switch our focus elsewhere.  Just when you get focused on one thing we come in and totally distract you!

Speaking of switching focus, your boys at the 315 have been busy writing and yelling and fighting over a new script for another property entirely.  Will it work out?  Maybe.  Last time I told you about a project we were working on with the Weirds that project too a shit really hard.  I’ll play it closer to the vest this time around, because last time was rough, and as excited as we were, we blew it big time.

Next week is the first time in DAREDEVILS history that we’re asking for audience participation!  You’ll get to take part in something that will last as long as the DAREDEVILS!  Matt will fill you in on the blog on Tuesday, but rest assured its great.  Especially because something incredible happens that you might not have been expecting.  Just note that the Custer is a wonderful ship, and it’s wonders have barely even started to be shown to you.

I’m hard at work at school, and I’ve entered into the honors program, so my time is being chewed up with art, of all things.  So excuse me if the Lunch gets cut short in the coming weeks.

That’s the Lunch for 2/16

To the Future,




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