SBL 2/9/14

DAREDEVILS, the choice of a new generation.

This week, we discover that Abigail literally has a trick up her sleeve!  HOLY SHIT we’re the best writers of all time.  UP HER SLEEVE.  This is good stuff people!  Of course she has a little help from the Custer, who has decided to join the fight after listing helplessly for months in the gutters.  Super-fun-note about the SFX we used: Gladoom is an awesome sound effect, and it fits our sound effects naming convention.  GLA is an underwater prefix and DOOM is a bomb sound.  We really do have rules for our sound effect, and we discuss them at length.  Someday we’ll commit them to paper rather than saying things like “No way, asshole!  GLA isn’t the underwater sound it BLOO!”  Fun fact!  Its a stupid argument!

Anyway, back the trick up the sleeve genius level writing:  Just what is the trick that she is deploying?  Well, if you took notice of Abigail throughout the comic, you’ll see she had that cylinder around her neck the whole time.  It’s not something that we just concocted conveniently out of nowhere.  The wrist crossbow is a different story, but that was her up-the-sleeve trick that I mentioned above.

We’re getting close to the final confrontation, so the comic is going to start zipping back and forth between locations willy-nilly soon.  I think we pull it off really well, and looking at the finished pages I think the final two chapters of this beastmonster of a story we’re telling come together awesome.

Pitch Black Day really got a lot bigger than we were planning on originally.  When Matt asked how many pages I thought we could do it in I said 20.  I was wrong.

It is almost time for me to start working on the backmatter for chapter 4.  This time we’ll tackle the Secret Origin of Abigail Singer.  We’ll learn who trained her, what her upbringing was like, and fill in the blanks on her life up to the point where she crossed paths with the DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS!  This one should throw everyone for a loop, because there is a pretty neat twist in the plot during this backmatter.  Of course it won’t affect the comic portion too much, because we’d never make you actually read anything that doesn’t have pictures and have it count.  Even though I do the art of those parts and it hurts my feelings when you ignore me.

The crew got back from Vegas in one piece.  That Superbowl was a bunk game, but I made some bets that paid off, and the rest of the trip was just what the ThreeOneFive needed to get our juices flowing again.  Well, we’ll get back to work once the hangover ends all the way…

In other DAREDEVILS news, Smilton is churning out pages for the next installment of the DAREDEVILS, and he’s killing it.  We still have to finalize the words on the pages so we’re a ways off from being done with that, but the progress is good.

Some other interesting rumor-type news is that we’re kicking around getting an additional artist to help with the Major storyline that will happen at the end of this year.  The story we have planned is so incredibly epic that if we get it our way, we’ll launch a 4 part story that will span almost 3 years.  That’s huge!  We’re going to go all out, and it will take the combined powers of everyone on the DAREDEVILS team, plus some new faces that will hopefully make the book even better than it is now.

Hopefully I can get the cool DAREDEVILS pin-up colored in for next week so I’ll have some Lunch for you, but this week I’m too bogged down in homework and wedding planning to get anything real done.  Poor me.

That’s the Lunch for 2/9

To the Future,




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