SBL 12/22/13

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce.  Special orders don’t upset us.  All we ask is that you let us DRINK BLOOD FROM YOUR FACE IN OUR CRAZY FEEDING ORGY ROOM.

That was me riffing off what happened on the page this week, not threatening you.  Relax.  So splash page alert!  Right?  Doc is fully drankin blood from that woman’s wrist while Drac works the neck.  Kinky.  Also her nipple is blasting through her dress which cranks the page up to a FULL PG13 rating.  We don’t often blast nips.  Sure, we’ve had full on terts exposed before, but they had no nips because they were fish lady boobs.  Sedna was topless too, but her hair covered her arctic headlights.

This page was a fight from the start.  We wanted to show Doc being evil and in my original version I had Doc covered in blood having already fed from and killed this woman.  It was too much, so rewrites happened.  Dan wanted it to be a DAREDEVIL that was being fed from, but again too much, so rewrites.  We needed to have him do something horrific, but keep it within reason to keep with the tone.  I’ll speak more about this specific scene at the end of Pitch Black Day.  So until then know it is important.  Everything has a consequence.

I said last week that I would talk about the radiograms, but I’m going to save that until we come back in 2014.  As a metter of fact, I’m going to cut this badboy short and start my holiday early.

Good will towards men.

That’s the Lunch for 12/22

To the Future,





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