SBL 12/15/13

So about that last page…

I know it wasn’t terribly exciting, hell even the Radiogram on Facebook and Twitter was pretty boring, but it did move our characters into place for the end of the story.  Joe and Cup and Abigail are coming face to face with Dracula finally, and McGinty has tracked Deveraux down to Dracula’s submarine, as the Pitch Black Day is being loaded on to his sub.  In hindsight, what Deveraux is doing is pretty vague, and maybe some dialog explaining that he was loading a rocket on to a sub was needed.  Still, moving into chapter 4, what is going on becomes very clear and readers shouldn’t have a hard time following the action.  Maybe I’m too paranoid.

We added this page because it solved a big pacing issue we made for ourselves.  We needed McGinty to set out on the path he is currently on (tracking down Deveraux) but we didn’t want the last time anyone saw him in Chapter 3 to be when he was dashing away from combat (blowing up that vamps nug was sweet though).  We needed to make it clear what he was doing, which we may or may not have done as I mentioned above.  Shoehorning this scene into another page would have cramped that page too much, and made it a bummer to read, so we decided to put this moment and the moment where Abigail and Joe enter the room on the same page.  It brings both plots to a similar cliffhanger point.

Only one gets the sweet satisfaction on Tuesday though.  Deal with it.

The holidays are fast approaching, and we’re going to take a break after Tuesday’s mega page.  We did this last year too, because breaks are awesome.  I wish I could take a break from the Sunday Bonus Lunch, but I get so many fan letters and pairs of underwear sent to me in the mail every week that I can’t do that to you guys, I mean girls.  We’re going to blast into the new year with another stretch of uninterrupted pages the likes of which the Web Comic world has never seen*!

*other than on our site, where you have seen it before because we do it all day long.  Now get outta here with that attitude, bro.

Coming out with a page a week is something we’re completely dedicated to.  Missing a week isn’t even talked about between us.  We won’t do it.  Not because we’re super hard workers, shit.  We’re lazy as hell.  One time Matt slept for 29 hours in a row when we were roommates in college.  29 hours.  I thought he might be dead but I was playing Gamecube so who gives a fuck.  Someday the killer from Se7en will murder Matt for Sloth, and the police will throw out the case because he deserved it.  Anyway, what was I talking about?  Oh, we come out with a page every week because disappointing people sucks.  We’ve disappointed our parents for years and the sting of that has worn out a long time ago, but disappointing our hordes of fans?  Hell naw.  It would hurt too much.

Tuesday’s page is something we’re really looking forward to.  It is a splash page, similar to the others we’ve done like the Captain or Whale reveal.  But this page must be set apart from them.  You’ll see.  This one isn’t your grandpa’s DAREDEVILS, who didn’t have DAREDEVILS.  No, this page changes the game.  It is actually a little nerve wracking (racking?)  because our audience could rebel against it violently and rip it down off the internet the way that they ripped Ghadafii out of that minivan… Is it wracking or racking?  What would racking be?  How does adding a w change that?  Somebody Google this.

Next week on the Lunch I’m going to give a run down about how the Pitch Black Day Radiograms are made.  That’ll be exciting.  Plus I’ll talk in depth about how we got to where we get after we get there on Tuesday, on Sunday.  #thuglife

Then after that, as I said before a bunch of times, it is break time until January something.  I forget.  But Matt’ll tell you on his blog, which is worse than mine in every way.

That’s the Lunch for 12/15

To the Future,


@evindempsey (I only make a single tweet a week)



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