SBL 12/8/13

Fa la la la la, la la la la

‘Tis the season, folks.  The days are getting colder, and Pitch Black Day is getting grimmer.  Things are bunk for the DAREDEVILS atm.  The away team is separated and half of it surrendered, the sub is out of commish as far as we know, and my favorite bar First Round Draft just shut down this week.  We’ve put the DAREDEVILS into some tight spots before, but this is getting crazy!  Things could not get worse.

Just kidding, of course they can.  First Round Draft says its just closed because its under new management, but what if they never open again?  I sang the sweetest version of “Get Low” by ‘lil John and the East Side Boys there once, and I’m a lot of people’s hero now.  Without my soothing masculine presence I’m sure the rate of decapitation murders in Arizona will skyrocket.

Speaking of skyrocketing decapitation rates, Subsylvania’s went up exponentially once Abigail showed up.  In the original scripting for the last two pages, I’m not sure if we wrote that everyone’s nugget was being lopped off in every panel or if Danilo just took the liberty of C’ing H’s willy nilly.  I know we didn’t even write the splash page more than “Awesome stuff is happening!  Make it as cool as possible, pls.”  and that turned out good.  Either way we are geniuses and together we are the (93rd)best in the world.

Oh yeah, Top Web Comics.  We finished in the top 100 last month, can you believe it?  We hovered around 250 for so long, and then all of a sudden we started getting votes.  Where are these votes coming from, and more directly, how many of them are influenced purely by my incredible prose on the Sunday Bonus Lunch every week?  We may never know, the internet is a confusing array of tubes that make no sense, and I’ve only got a community college level understanding of it.  What we do know is that we don’t get as many as TwoKinds, which gets an insane amount of votes every day.  How do they pull that off?  Are fox people that much more interesting that a motley crew of adventurers in an impossible submarine (captained by a man who lives his life as part of its machinery) who fearlessly go out and face the limitless wonders and terrors of the ocean every Tuesday?  Should we relaunch were errybuddy is a sexy fox woman?  The answer is yes, but we’re not going to.  We ARE going to take a smart page out of their playbook and offer incentive content that you see when you vote for us soon, and that will replace the member’s stuff for the most part. We’ll still eventually figure out a cool way to use the decoder wheel, but with the amount of backmatter we’re doing with Pitch Black Day, it isn’t realistic to do much during this story.  Anyway, we get a respectable amount of votes as it is, and we don’t advertise on anything currently.

Next time you are poking around Top Web Comics after voting for us on everything you have that has an internet connection, you should check out some of the other comics that are near ours on the list.  It is crazy how different from ours they are.  Many of them star, as I mentioned,  sexy anthropomorphic fox people, and more than a few are bizarre full penetration graphic sexual tales.  Busty Solar is my favorite of these.  Be warned, that comic is super duper not safe for work, so don’t go there at work or anywhere where anyone can see you.  It will get you exiled from whatever community you belong to, and possibly burned at the stake.  What I’m trying to get at, is the world of Webcomics truly is for everyone.

Tuesday’s page is the one right before the last page of the chapter, so we’ve got a few pieces to move into place.  Its not as action-y as the last two have been, but there is a nifty cliffhanger that will make you go “huh!?”

Believe me when I tell you that the last page will punch you in the face.  We’re pushing a lot of boundaries with it, and it is totally an upping of the ante as far as how far we’re willing to go to grab your attention.  After that beast of a page we go on a well deserved holiday until the second week of the January, so that’ll be nice.  Not that I don’t love writing the Lunch, I do.  It’s just that its finals week and I’m so, so very tired.  I try hard to make sense in these brief words I get to tell you every week, but my ability to watershed is blunderbuss.

That’s the Lunch for 12/8

To the Future,





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