SBL 12/1

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This week’s page is a cool one, McGinty is socking dudes in the face so hard that their heads are exploding, and again we get a nippleless vampire chick (this time getting her nugget lopped off by Abby, who suffers no one sans nerps).

The focus of this page being on McGinty might seem weird at first, because he’s just a secondary character compared to Joe and Cup, and even Abigail, really.  But it was important that we showed him spotting his pal Deveraux in the castle (doing what exactly?).  We also cannonize Deveraux’s first name on this page, which has appeared on the website in the meet the cast section, but never in the book itself.  McGinty’s first name has still never been uttered, but it is Sean.  Just so you know.


We’re in the midst of working on something truly awesome here ate DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS headquarters, a game changer.  I’m excited to be working on it, and the people we’re working on it with with blow you mind.  You will not be able to handle it.

Tuesday, we’ll see what other trouble the away team can get into as the fight rages on.  We’ll advance the story some this time, not just lingering on the fight because fights are awesome.  We did that for two pages already, its time this chapter kicked into high gear!


How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  Mine was great.  I do enjoy the Black Friday aspect of the holiday more than the jamming so much food into my body that I make regretful sobs as my body shuts down watching football.  I got mad deals.  I bought a 40 inch TV that I’m going to use as a monitor!  That’s so dumb!  But whatever, a deals a deal right?

Speaking of deals, the deal with the NEXT DAREDEVILS story is that we’re getting art for it ALREADY!  That almost guarantees that we’ll have an extremely small downtime in between Pitch Black Day and the next story we tell, which I will not reveal the title to until the last possible moment, even though I want to so bad right now.


Our other amazing artist, Danilo is getting us art from chapter 4, and if I do say so myself, it will blow you mind out ‘cho head, son.

I’ve been slogging away on backmatter, its coming along, but I have to admit that it could be going faster if I wasn’t so swamped with school and being a professional woman pleasurer.  These things take their toll on me, but like a true professional, I carry on.  Like a champion.  A champion.

That’s the Lunch for 12/1

To the Future,




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