SBL 11/3/13

Shiver me timbers!

That up there is One-Eyed Willy, the McGuffin from Goonies.  Back then, movies weren’t afraid to name main plot points after dongs, and that was awesome.  People today are way to fragile and big pussies to let that slide, but with the DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS, we’re trying to bring back the all-ages adventure genre with a series that has some nuts in its underwear.  That being said, last week’s page was slippin’ on a banana peel good times.  We had written an elaborate infiltration scene where Abigail assassinates a bunch of fish dudes and they are all stealth and sneaky.  It was very covert spy stuff, awesome.  However the tone of Pitch Black Day is pretty dark, we felt we needed a little levity to mix up the bag. Don’t worry, we’ll dive right back into adventure town soon enough, but we thought a page where they fall out of the sky and smash into the castle in a fall that would CERTAINLY kill everyone on board was in order.

The minisub was a big topic of discussion this week in the comments.  It’s clearly a modern looking minisub, its even yellow like modern vehicles.  It was hard to miss in Beaufort when we first unveiled it during Armstrongs tour of the Custer.  We liked it so much that we made sure to put it in the story of Pitch Black Day.  Now the question is, did we demolish it into Subsylvaia to conveniently get rid of the thing so we would never have to explain its origin?  Or did the story demand that the minisub get mashed up to provide the gang a direct route to the lair of the Big Bad?

The second one, c’mon.  We’re geniuses.

This week, we have some crazy stuff on tap.  Its probably the most important page of Pitch Black Day, and it will go under the radar for most readers, I think.  I’ll be interested to read the comments.  I hope we didn’t make it too casual, but I have faith that the readership will understand what is going on.

Its Daylight Savings day!  Stupid.  Here in AZ we have enough sun to go around, so we don’t suffer no clock turnin’  I’d like to see it done away with.  But this has nothing to do with the DAREDEVILS, or the ThreeOneFive, so I digress.

I’m hard at work on the mid-chapter backmatter for ch 3-4.  We’re upping the ante this time, and they simply can’t be missed.  After Tuesday’s page, there will be some questions that demand an answer, and maybe just maybe we’ll satisfy inquiring minds.

That’s the Lunch for 11/3

To the Future,



Oh and…

We did it.  We finally broke the top 100!

Last month we got 101st place.  This month lets shoot for 99th!


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