SBL 10/20/13

Chapter three is off to a scary start.  The chaplain has descended into the bowels of the Custer to do battle with the ranks of the undead.   He’s going on faith, but does he really have a prayer?  The blue glow around his sword on the last panel makes be believe that he just might.

Pitch Black Day underwent some pretty major rewrites before we started scripting it, and in the first version of the story we had a scene similar to this one, but because of other changes we made to the plot we thought we might have to cut this one.  We finally figured out how to get everyone where they needed to be in order to get it to work out and make sense, but as all things DAREDEVILS, it was a struggle.  Twitchy lost some air time because of the change as well, but sacrificing the Russian madman for a new and more dynamic character’s big moment was a trade we were comfortable making.  Sorry, T-Money.

Even now, Pitch Black Day continues to be tweaked and fiddled with.  Chapter 4 is almost finished with final dialog in place, so the tweaking is almost over.  Still on the table is the next section of backmatter, which is looking like it will go back into the Dracula Prose model of the first set of backmatter in between chapters 1 and 2.  We hinted at what it will contain in the last set, so if you missed it you might want to go back and read those words we slaved over again.  We’re confidant in our ability to make decent backmatter now, so DAREDEVILERS should expect some to break up the chapters in most, if not all of our upcoming stories.

We’re starting to get busy again, here at the the ThreeOneFeezie.  We’re still working on a Baby Girl thing, and we might have another that’s just for fun but will be as awesome as three tacos inside each other, and finally we have giant amounts of DAREDEVILS work that we’re always doing.

Tentatively, Smilton will return to the drawing board for our next adventure.  While Pitch Black Day is an homage to Bond films, the next story will have a very Next Gen feel to it, showcasing character interactions on top of an extremely sci-fi setting.  While the story will smaller than Pitch Black Day, it can’t be considered a subplot or a side story like Cajun Caper was, although the ending of Cajun Caper was pretty important in the grand DAREDEVILS scheme.  No, the next story will stand among Secret of the Beaufort Sea and Pitch Black Day as major episodes in the DAREDEVILS mythos.  Obviously, any kind of plot point for the next story is seriously premature, but I thought it was about time that I shared with you all some of the things we have coming out of our sick, drunken minds.

Hopefully Chapters 3 and 4 will have some Atomo-Visionable pages in them.  Chaper three has a few that might work, and I’m pretty sure we wrote some stuff that would look great in 3D in chapter 4, but the point is I need to get with the member’s stuff.  We just added all of the sketches that Danilo did for the last backmatter, but I want to get the decoder ring up and running again.  it’s been far too long…  I’m doing a  bad job at it.

That’s the Lunch for 10/20

To the Future,




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