SBL 10/13/13

Holmwood had a bad day and stabitized his daughter in front of his granddaughter and then got carted away to an insane asylum where he hidden away before ha and his family were removed from all public records completely.

There are TWO big hints in on the page this week as to what will happen in the coming weeks on DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS.  One of them is more obvious than the other, and I won’t say another word about either, so eat it.

Some housekeeping news, I’ve decided to shut down all commenting on our blog, because no one ever does, and we get so much SPAM that it’s cray.  I don’t know if people even read this blog or if it is as empty as my wallet.  Either way I’ma still write it because it helps me practice my photoshop, and gives me something to do between watching porn and eating.  Wait, how to I remove the cross-out line?  That’s really what happens.

This last backmatter piece was a pain in the ass to get together.  Every element had to be built, aged, tilted, placed, sized to match the other pieces of paper on the stack.  Oh, and written, edited, and spell checked.  And then Danilo’s art had to be modified, aged, sized, and placed.  It was…  trying.

So sure, we’re kind of League of Extraordinary Gentlemening it here.  But we only release a page a week, and this is a great way to get WAY more story into your face than giving you 4 to 8 panels of art with dialog explaining it all.  Plus its cool, so whatever.

Normally I don’t talk about my personal life on this blog, but something happened that I have to talk about.  I’m getting old.  I know. I act super youthful and cutting edge and awesome, and right, I do.  For sure.  But the fact is that I am getting old, and it’s starting to show.  Here’s the situation.  I’m in my art class, ART111, I’m sitting on my hobby horse chair (which I can’t get into without grunting now) and I’m charcoaling up some still life like a boss.  There is a 19 year old girl that sits next to me, and she strikes up a conversation.  We chat.  I’m super charming by default, so I’m not surprised when she’s giggling and continuing to talk to me way past the time where normal chit chat should end.  I’m engaged to be married, so “shut the fuck up” alarms are going off, but I hit snooze because when do 19 year olds hit on me?  Plus, I’m not going to act on it because I’m not at my teen-wrangling weight I love my fiance so much.  So, I’ll tell her eventually, I told myself.  We keep chatting.  I’m killing it!  And then…  She asks me if I have any kids, and I ask why.  And then she looks me in my old face and says…

“Because I think you’d be a fun dad to have.”

-19 year old

That’s the Lunch for 10/13

To the Future,




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