SBL 10/06/13

And we won’t stop.

La da do dah dee, it’s a prose party!  Week two of the midchapter backmatter is complete, and what have we learned?  Well, that Section X was formed by none other than Arthur Holmwood himself!  We mentioned him briefly last week as the founder of the Anomalous Phenomena Society, so I guess we told you he founded section X last week… But this week we gave you a memo directly from him detailing the horrible shit that happened to him that made him start the society.  I based the name of the society after the real and famous Ghost Club, only I gave it a better name.  Arthur stabulated Lucy and he never recovered, he used his amazing fortune to form a society that his Majesty’s Royal Crown adopted and turned into Section X.  He did later marry another woman though, but we’ll discuss that next week.


Pitch Black Day is turning out to be a lot of fun to write.  These backmatter pages are a lot of work, they take me about 2-4 hours each of hard photoshopping, and they require the work of multiple people.  This week Danilo drew us that great Lucy painting, my Mother provided the cursive for the bottom, and I made it into a tintype and did all the rest of the design work on the page.  There is still a typo as we speak, but I doubt I’ll fix it.  People made typos back then.

This Tuesday’s page has taken me twice as long as usual, because there are 2 pieces of paper on it!  That’s twice the backmatter!  There is also a Danilo illustration as well, and handwritten elements.  I did the handwriting this time though, you can tell because it looks like an asshole did it.


This Tuesday get ready for the tragic conclusion to the midchapter backmater!  Also keep an eye out for some other cool stuff in the prose that might shed some light as to what happens next!

Chapter 3 is about to start, and if you though chapter two was the low point for the DAREDEVILS, then you don’t know the ThreeOneFive.  Chapter 3 is 10 pages of bang ‘em up excitement unlike the DAREDEVILS have ever seen!  Don’t miss it.

Ok, I need to do some homework, who knew webdesign was so hard?  Doing homework AND watching the Cardinals play tomorrow?!  Ulcer city!


That’s the Lunch for 10/6

To the Future,




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