SBL 6/30/13

Well, that was our big surprise.

We decided that the best way to tell the backstory of how Dracula came to be underwater and have gills and be green was to write a new chapter that continues where Bram Stoker finished off.  When we first discussed doing this we overestimated how big the book would be on the page.  Since this is a page that will go in the archives, it needs to fit inside the blotter just like the regular pages do.  That seriously limits the size that the book can possibly be.  Still, the words on the page are legible and look natural on the page, which is good.  I was afraid originally that the book would look like one of those senior citizen books with the large words, but it looks good.

The illustration is another thing that changed pretty significantly since we thought up the concept.  Originally the illustrations would just be little pictures that appeared on the actual pages of the book.  That was struck down for two reasons.  First, Dracula the novel didn’t have chapter illustrations, at least none of the 3 different versions we used as reference.  Second, with the limited real estate on the pages themselves, using half a page for an illustration wasn’t realistic.  So we decided that they would be sketches drawn on pieces of paper that populate the blotter to fill space.  Until we actually got the sketches we were still kicking around ways to make this look good.  We had Danilo draw us 4 illustrations without knowing how we would move forward.  But c’mon, we had a great artist, we can write goodish,  and I can photoshop.  Lets just throw a bunch of good stuff together.  Whats the worst that could happen?

I don’t know why it still surprises me when we get awesome stuff from Danilo, but these illustrations were way better than I could have imagined.  After I saw them I knew what my plan was.  Aging paper is kind of my thing, so I played to my strengths and whooped out a distressed page and plopped it underneath the book.

These pages are really a super collaboration between everyone.  Danilo came through with the sketches, I photoshopped a bunch of shit, and then we (mostly Matt) wrote the Dracula prose.

Next week we delve into Dracula’s psyche as he rests at the bottom of the sea.  So be there for his darkest moments.  We dish out summore prose, and we even give you another great illustration by Danilo, just in case you hate what we wrote but still like pictures.

That’s the Lunch for 6/30

To the Future,





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