SBL 6/23/13

So, Dracula – right?

Many of you saw this coming, after last week – I hope so!  Who else has super classy Candelabras in their swank pad?  D-rizzle does, that’s for sure.  But now that we know that D Murder is the bad guy in the story, we must ask, “Why does Dracula have gills?  He didn’t have gills before, right?”  Right.  He totally didn’t.  He also didn’t have a party in the back before.  Fear not, all of this will be explained!

That brings me to Tuesday’s page.  We are trying something very different for the next 4 weeks.  We have dropped Drac on you, and now we have to tell you how he got there.  Dracula doesn’t just show up with gills and green skin without some backstory.  Please.

We don’t just show something crazy and then not offer any explanation at all!

What is really cool (and scary) about this week’s page is that it took everyone’s individual talents to bring it to life.  Usually we just write something semi coherent and tell Danilo to make magic happen.  We don’t get that luxury this week.  Tuesday’s page is a massive team effort.  We’re not even done with it either.  Usually at this time we sit back with fine wine and chuckle about our portfolios, but not this week!  We’re working right down to the wire!  This week we don’t have time to laugh about how we are totally poor people and the only portfolios we have are old dating site ones where we photoshopped a goatee on our faces and said our name was “Bronco” and we liked to get “bucked up.” Is that just me?  Shit.  Anyway, this week is a pain in the ass, but it will be worth it.  Unless you don’t like it, then it was Matt’s idea.

Hopefully it won’t be a clusterfuck.

Speaking of swearing for no reason, I just beat The Last of Us.  Man, that was a good game.  Go out and buy it.  I didn’t agree with the ending, but hey, that’s life.  Matt did agree with the ending, he looks like Vlade Divac, and that makes him a bad person.  Without giving anything away, if the world needed to be saved and it was up to Matt to do it, we’d be megaboned.  I don’t know if Dan agreed or not because he’ll probably play it eventually and I didn’t want to spoil the ending.

That’s all the Lunch I can muster today.  Summer school is killing me, and I’m done with all this typing stuff.

That’s the Lunch for 6/23

To the Future,




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