SBL 6/9/13

The sea is dark and full of terrors.  Doc is now painfully aware of that, good thing he has a glasses laser.  PEW!

Is that it for Doc?  Will he be ripped apart by Deveraux and his fish vamp buddies?  Will they feast upon his entrails while he screams for a home he will never again see?  How will Joe respond to this?  Will he become an emo and only listen to Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service?  No.  He would be like 100 years old when Death Cab came out, that wouldn’t make sense.  There are no 100 year old emos.  Stop being stupid.

A lot happens off-panel here this week.  Doc breaks free of the guys trying to eat his face and then runs away for a while.  Deveraux probably got bit a few pages back and now he’s vamped out.  There are only two pages left in this chapter, just wait until the end.  It’s crazy.


So Doc’s glasses have a laser on them.  Well, that is only part of what they can do.  In the second panel, only the bottom dingledanger of his glasses unit is shooting the laser, so the top one must do something.  It is a mobile scanning device that can monitor the surface of whatever he is observing.  This is something he has to activate to use, it isn’t always happening, but when it is on he can do doctor things like get a heartbeat or a blood pressure reading.  He can also tag things with transmitters and then the galsses can keep track of them passively, this would come in handy in situations where he would become separated from the group, or is someone is escaping him.  It is also a communications relay that pipes right into the bridge so he can always talk to the Captain.  BUT It really doesn’t matter because they broke at the end of the page and now they can’t do any of that.  I just told you that so you would get excited and then get sad, sort of like what happens all the time on one of my favorite shows that I won’t mention.

Psyche your face.

That’s  the Lunch for 6/9

To the Future,






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