SBL 6/2/13

That’s right.  Vampires.  Bioluminescent Fish Vampires.  Obviously.

We saw the return of our favorite English charter, Abigail this week.  She’s pretty badass, huh?  And now her grim warning to Joe at the start of the book makes more sense. We had some keen DAREDEVILERS spot her gear when we saw her in her room, but thankfully nobody said the words.  So I’ll count this as a good reveal.  I was really worried about the reveal here, truth be told – I agonized over it.  Obscuring the truth about the Vampires was my first priority when writing the pages, I put it before anything else.  I needed the moment of the reveal to be as awesome as possible, and this page was it.  Danilo got the tone just right on that last panel.

That last panel was also a pretty hotly debated one as it turns out.  Originally when I devised it, it was it’s own splash page with Abigail standing triumphant over the body of the vampire that she had just staked.  In the scripting process, Matt cut the splash page to lower the page count, and he also changed the panel to Abigail saying Vampires! as she stabbed the guy.  Fights ensued.  I argued that the return of Abigail needed to have grandeur, and that giving her a hero pose was needed for this.  Matt disagreed, saying that seeing her in the act of stabbing a vamp through the back would make the scene work, considering we had to cut the splash for space issues.  Finally Danilo asked to change the stake to the crossbow, and the current version of the page was born.  Abigail got her hero pose, because seeing her shoot the bow wasn’t the important moment.  Adding “Obviously” to the end of her quip was Matt’s line, and it reinforces her devil may care attitude.

Here is the template for Abigail’s action outfit that I gave to Danilo to base her suit on.  Danilo did a great job of emulating this design, and the end result is pretty sweet.  Abigail’s suit isn’t made of cotton like the hot model above’s is though, it has bonus features that I’m sure we’ll address later.  Abigail is also… endowed way more than this chick.  Oh, Danilo.  The high collar is a must for any proper Englishwoman in pursuit of the undead, as it would protect her neck from Vampires go-to target.  Coverage in general is pretty important when you’re up against vampires though, and this outfit gives her arms and legs bite resistance.  Form and function, check and check.

Here’s the first sketch we got from Danilo of Abigail in her action gear.  We were sold immediately.  You can see what her boots look like too, as the hero shot had a burning vampire in the way of her accessories.

Next week we’ll see what happens on the other side of the door.  Just what is in store of Doc and Deveraux?

That’s the Lunch for 6/2

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