SBL 5/26/13

Now the story of a ship that lost everything, and the world’s greatest man of science -who had no choice – but close the blast doors.  It’s DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS.

This last page was a big turning point for the DAREDEVILS.  The rest of the story will hinge on the choice Doc made here.  He knew that the ship would be lost unless he gave the order to seal the doors.  The Fishmen would easily rip through the crew and the CUster would be lost.  So to save everyone he gave himself up in a single act of heroism that will ripple through the DAREDEVIL universe forever.  Deveraux is also on the bad side of the door, it should be noted.  What will their fates be?  You’ll have to stay tuned for a whole week, because on Tuesday we focus on the “safe” side of the door.  Keen eyed DAREDEVILERS will have noticed that a single Fishman is dangerously close to the door in this week’s page.  On Tuesday we see just how tough these things are.  Be there it’s awesome.

Speaking of WMD’s, Tuesday’s page is a huge bombshell.  We finally get a piece of the puzzle as to just what in the balls is happening to the Custer.  Chapter one has just 4 pages left in it, and they are all insane!  After that we’ll be taking our biggest break from art that we’ve ever taken, but worry not!  The story will continue, just not in a way that you will expect.  It’s super cutting edge and kind of a big risk for us, so we hope you’ll dig it, but if not, shut up, it’s free.

Phoenix comicon is here!  If you want to meet us we’ll be there today.  Just tweet Matt and he’ll tweet where we are and we’ll sign something for you.  We’ll probably shit our pants first though because someone wants something singed by us.  So after we get back from the bathroom we’ll sign whatever you want.  Sunday is a super slow day at Phoenix con in past years, so you can talk about anything with us, we’d love to gab with you.  If you are a hot single lady, Dan is single too.  If you are super-duper hot, I’m not married yet.  Matt is married and has a kid and looks like Vlade Divac, so he’s out all together.

I do have a bit of a bone to pick with some of the cosplayers though, specifically the Steampunk ones.  This message is for you:

Dear Steampunk cosplayer,

Listen ye olde douche, just because you hotglue gears to your tophat does not make you steampunk.  I’m all for DIY cosplay outfits.  It is the only way to win.  But c’mon, put a little more effort into it.  The point of steampunk is that you come from a place where internal combustion does not work for some reason.  Maybe the oxygen is too low in your atmosphere to get the explosions needed to fire an internal combustion engine, maybe it’s something else – like it’s been outlawed or something.  Maybe you don’t care.  But the fact that steam power is used in your technology does not mean that people from that reality would have gears just stuck to them willy nilly.  It makes no sense, bro.  Why would have 10 gears on your back that aren’t even touching?  Is your vest some kind of  shitty, non-working steampunk robot?  It isn’t, it’s a vest.  Vests don’t have gears on them, and neither do tophats.  Unless the gears do something, leave them off your outfit.




Speaking of cons, the ThreeOneFive (us) got our pro badges and will be going to San Diego Comicon.  I missed it last year, so I didn’t get to do the radio interview that Matt and Dan did.  I was bummed out, but it’s better that I stay behind these words because when people hear my voice a lot of the time it is too erotic and they just end up making fools of themselves.  On the other hand it is exactly the perfect medium for Matt to represent our brand because he looks like Vlade Divac.

That’s the Lunch for 5/26








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