SBL 5/19/13

We really don’t deal a lot with people dying on the DAREDEVILS often.  In Cajun Caper we had Deveraux and McGinty get beat up, but on the last page two crewmen got presumably killed by the Fishmen.  The danger element of the story should be apparent now.  This week’s page was all about planting that seed of dread in y our mind.  The DAREDEVILS are not safe, they are not going to escape out the back window and laugh this one off.  Things are terrible for them in the inky blackness of the deep ocean, and they may never get better.  Two redshirts payed the price so far, but who is next?  Tuesday’s page is not only one of the best that Danilo’s ever drawn, it is one of the most important moments in DAREDEVILS history.  I’m not overselling it either.

Back to this week’s page.  Seeing the fishmen climb the walls was something we were really excited to see from Danilo, he really captured their sense of speed and impending doom.  I’m also a big fan of the tweety birds over McCarver and Joe’s heads as Deveraux is dragging the two spellbound officers while running.  And even though we say it sometimes, we don’t say it enough, I’d like to point out how great the lettering is.  Captain’s word buzz-ins have always been stylistically great, and now that Fonografiks is varying word sizes within the balloons it really pops the page to some next level stuff.

The ThreeOneFive crew will have an interview on Webcomic Alliance tomorrow, so you should head that way.  The whole DAREDEVILS team answered questions for it.  Matt has compiled the answers and has not told us what we each said, so it’s exciting.  When I see it tomorrow it will be the first time I’ve seen it.  Should be fun –  Stay tuned!


Also coming up on Tuesday, the page will be available in both regular AND Atomovision.  Three pages so far this chapter will have been Atomovisioned, and there is still one more to go!  Eventually by the end of this chapter we’ll open up the Atomovision section in the member’s area.  Right now we’re focusing on getting the writing for chapter 2 done.

We didn’t win the Powerball drawing last night, which mean’s we’re not incredibly rich.  So you should probably donate to our webcomic.  If you do, we’ll spend the money on more  Powerball tickets and turn your modest donation into a vast fortune.  After we have amassed our fortune, we’ll make the DAREDEVILS forever, or we’ll have our butlers write it.  Rich people stuff.

In case you don’t already, you should follow us on Twitter.  Matt has cultivated a pretty impressive following (for some reason which escapes me).  People enjoy Matt’s witty banter and internet savvy.  You will too!  So find the link at the bottom of the post and follow us.

No bonus material here today because we’ve got Atomovision on Tuesday.  We’ve been in writing mode these last few weeks, so admittedly the Lunch has been light lately.  Maybe next week I’ll show off some pencils.  Who knows?

That’s the Lunch for 5/19

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