SBL 5/12

Happy Mothers Day!

The DAREDEVILS are about to have the mother of all invasions on their hand, as a horde or fish dudes has boarded the ship!  The next several pages are bonkerstown, so make sure you tune in each and EVERY Tuesday for ADVENTURE!

This page is another Danilo masterpiece, and if you haven’t seen how good it looks in 3D then you are cheating yourself out of a great thing you can look at FOR FREE.  It is literally no money.  You just have to sign up for the Loyal Order of DAREDEVILERS.  You don’t have to put your real address or anything, you can also opt out of the address part.  All you need is a valid Email address.  You totally have one because you are on the Internet right now.  Don’t be a jerk.

As you can see the header this week isn’t good at all.  That is because I upgraded my computer to a brand spanking new AMD 8350 with a GeForce 660ti and 16g of RAM.  This thing has so many fans, that seal team 6 could fly it around killing terrorists.  I would prefer it if they didn’t though because I’m using it.  Oh, the header was bad because I haven’t put Photoshop on it yet.  All you get is Paint.  Windows 8 is proving to be hard to switch to, because it sucks.  Whatever though, I ised to play on an Amiga 500, so I am resilient.

This week I promised some Lunch, and Lunch I shall provide!

These are the initial sketches for the Fish People.  As you can see Danilo envisioned them in a variety of forms.  We kind of went with a mix of 1 and 3, but who knows?  The sea is dark and full of terrors.  These guys will end up in the Dossier section of the Members area in no time.  This is also a reminder that the Dossier section will update without much fanfare in the blog under the comic.  Conspicously missing right now is Joe from the crew manifest.  Why is that?  What could we be hiding?

Speaking of Member’s benefits, in TWO WEEKS there will be ANOTHER Atomovision version of Danilo’s art.  By the end of the chapter I should have a working Atomovision section to put all these things in, that means that like the Dossier pages, Atomovision pages will get filed and saved forever, for you to view AT YOUR OWN LEISURE!  Gumdrops.

In a little over a week our interview with Webcomic Alliance will be posted on their site.  We are the spotlight feature on that website this month, and so far it has been awesome.  New readers are coming aboard every day, and that is exactly the path we need to be on.  A path filled with radicalness and thunderawesomeness.  A path populated by very handsome and educated people, such as yourself.  Give us money.


That’s the Lunch for 5/12

To the Future,




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