SBL 5/5/13

Happy Cinco de Mayo, dudes.

This week is my finals week at my college.  It marks the first full year of school I have taken in a row since 1998, and the first time I actually did well in school.  I’m a decently smart guy, but I never finished anything post high school.  I went to the UofA with Matt the first time around and failed out extremely hard.  I wasn’t ready for school, I just wanted to get bombed and bang hostesses at the restaurant that I worked at (for 8 years!).  This time around I have a real goal, and that is to get a degree in web design.  The choice to go back to school was pretty abrupt for me.  One day I just decided to do it.  I was like hey I’m pretty good with photoshop, lets get a degree!  Also it’s so the company won’t have to pay for a designer.  Frugal.

Tuesday on the blotter we saw a sea creature bust through the aquanetic containment field and attack.  This page begins a fast paced race to the end of chapter one.  Hang on DAREDEVILERS, the ride just gets more intense from here.  Back to aquanetic containment fields.  Pretty cool, but what does it mean?  Is the field something that these creatures can somehow generate?  Or is it something else creating it?

Next week on the Lunch I’ll show you some never before seen sketch art work from Pitch Black Day.  I would show you this week, but it would take away from Tuesday’s page.  I’ve been starved for extra lunch to show off lately, mainly because of the members area launching and extra lunch going in there.  I’ll probably put these sketches in the member’s area eventually in the dossiers section, along with other sketch work.  The main issue is that we don’t get a ton of sketches from Danilo.  We are very hands off during his character creation process, only asking him for sketches when there is a major character that needs to be worked on.  He’s been spot on and we trust his vision, so while it is great as far as a working stand-point, it sucks because I can’t give you guys extra stuff to look at every week.

Speaking of cool stuff though, This coming week we’ll have another Atomovision page coming at your face. This one should be a doozy.  Also, I’m working with Dan to get the Atomovision environment ready to put up.  The members area will be fully open soon!

Like I said, it is finals week, so I can’t hang around this joint forever.  I’ll see you guys and gals next week.

That’s the Lunch for 5/5

To the Future,





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